How much RAM is needed in 2022 smartphones?

How much RAM is needed in 2022 smartphones?

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RAM is required for the phone to function properly. Is 4 GB of RAM enough? Or maybe 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM or more is better...

What is RAM in a phone?

RAM, or Random Access Memory, is a fast random access memory, necessary for the proper operation of any modern smartphone, which in practice is a small pocket computer with a telephony function.

RAM offers direct access to each memory cell, so in practice, it allows fast direct data reading. This means a much faster operation of the phone, which does not have to search for slower mass memory but finds the most important information in RAM. Of course, this type of memory, in addition to very fast reading, must also guarantee efficient data writing.

Of course, the best mass memory is also fast (UFS 3.1 or newer), but dedicated RAM can be several times faster and the operating system uses it optimally. Opening applications from RAM takes less than opening from mass memory, and in addition, memory is more energy efficient.

How many frames does the phone need?

The tasks we perform on smartphones are quite simple, so they do not require as much RAM capacity as the best leading phones. We browse the internet, use social media apps, listen to music, watch movies, take photos, and possibly use programs needed in a particular situation (timetable or navigation).

Some applications require a lot of RAM, but mobile systems such as Android and iOS can automatically close inactive applications to free up RAM space for newly opened applications. However, this absolutely does not mean that RAM on your phone is not important. On the contrary.

RAM in Android and iOS

It is known that Android consumes every volume of RAM and it will still be small. This, of course, is not entirely true, but Android definitely needs more RAM than iOS. In Android, 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM is basically the norm, and some models may have as much as 12 GB or 16 GB of RAM.

On the other hand, iOS used in iPhones can work great with 3 GB or 4 GB of RAM. Does that mean it’s better? As for the overall optimization, it is because iOS is a closed system, and the manufacturer can fine-tune its work on a limited number of different processors and other components. However, the overall impression is influenced by many more factors, so the final answer is not obvious.

Is 4 GB of RAM enough in 2022?

The short answer is no on Android phones, 6 GB of RAM in 2022 is the absolute minimum. However, in the iPhone 4 GB of RAM is more than enough. A perfect example is the iPhone 13, which has just that much memory but still works very well. Much better than Android smartphones with 4 GB of RAM. Now the iPhone has phones, for example iPhone 13 Pro Max contain 6 GB of RAM and can really do everything.

6 GB or 8 GB of RAM in the phone?

In the category of very cheap phones, 6 GB of RAM is enough. However, if someone often opens a lot of tabs in Chrome and a few - a dozen applications, it is definitely better to choose a phone with 8 GB of RAM. It is more likely that it will work faster with a higher load and will cope better with future system updates, if he supports them.

But, there’s no point in exaggerating. Instead, it’s not worth paying extra for a phone with 12 GB or 16 GB of RAM, just to show the number. Even the most advanced users will need 8 GB in Android, provided that the manufacturer has done a good job in terms of optimization.

What does RAM give in a smartphone?

Higher RAM capacity usually means that more active programs can be stored in memory with their data. This translates into greater ease of use and better multitasking. With low RAM capacity, a web browser with a dozen open tabs can take up a significant amount of memory. Then there is little space left for other applications and the system. After opening a new program, the old one can be shut down.

More RAM allows you to run more background processes that don’t need to be refreshed when you return to them. Of course, until we close them - then they have to restart from mass memory and this takes a little longer and consumes more battery power.

12 GB and 16 GB RAM

Last year there were a lot of phones that had over 8 GB of RAM, they had 12 GB and 16 GB. Of course, a lot was expected of them, it was understood that they could perform any task assigned to them. This is already a more expensive range of phones and it is still possible to work with only 8 GB of RAM.

In 2022, more phones with 12 GB and 16 GB of RAM are expected, because the systems on the phones are becoming more demanding. This year there will be more fold phones that have one narrow and one very wide screen and each can use multiple applications at the same time. Such phones are used for businesses and creators and must have over 8 GB RAM. Of course, they are also overtaken by other phones that will want to be ranked as high as possible and will have 12 GB and 16 GB of RAM.