Lenovo monitors and CO2 innovations

Lenovo monitors and CO2 innovations

Photo Credits: Lenovo/Promo

Lenovo CO2 offset service - now for consumers!

For customers who want to travel one step further and actively return to the environment, Lenovo is introducing its CO2 Offset service to customers, introducing the service first on all Lenovo Legion Yo and Yoga computers, including those announced today. To produce customers with an easy and transparent thanks to atoning for carbon emissions and help protect the environment, Lenovo has calculated the common carbon emissions of its computers over their life cycle, from production and delivery to using and disposal. When buying, customers are given the chance to induce involvement, carbon offset credits are purchased later supported the calculated emissions of their device, and Lenovo’s carbon offset partner contributes them to at least one of several world organization Climate Action projects.

Since launching this service, Lenovo has helped commercial companies recoup over 500,000 metric loads of carbonic acid gas, the equivalent of greenhouse gases emitted by quite 100,000 passenger vehicles driven during a single year. Now through the expansion of this service, Yoga and Lenovo Legion, those fascinated by tackling global climate change through CO2 compensation, have an easy and transparent thanks to doing so with the clicking of a button.

Protection for the fashionable user - Lenovo Premium Care Plus

Another feature that buyers can like this January is enhanced computer support, Lenovo Premium Care Plus. As distance work, learning and entertainment become more prevalent, this extended service experience is meant with the intent of the fashionable user to further protect the technology that has become even more important for daily life. From additional protection within the event of accidental computer downtime to maintaining top-notch computer performance, this extended support package provides real-time computer support that Premium Care is understood, plus a collection of advanced Lenovo support services bushed one package.

Monitors designed for stunning looks - Lenovo Q27h, Lenovo Q27q, Lenovo Q24i

If you’re struggling to work out a display using only a laptop screen for hybrid learning, work and play, or are battling an office monitor taken from an empty desk, it is time to judge what you actually want with an extended screen this year - and be at liberty to mention that if the monitor doesn’t suit your needs or sense of favor, it’s no place in your home. Lenovo involves the rescue with a brand new line of striking Q-Series custom monitors that supply resolution, smart sound, port selection and an up-to-date design that you’re going to love.

One such premium display designed for trendsetters is the premium 27-inch Lenovo Q27h-20 monitor with a sleek design and leading Lenovo natural low blue light technology certified by Eyesafe for better eye protection. This quad-sided, almost borderless display provides a superb user experience via QHD IPS HDR capabilities for vivid color performance that’s 95 percent DCI-P3, 99 percent sRGB and Delta E <2 accurate.

Turn your Lenovo Q27h into an entertainment hub with a convenient single-USB-C® connection solution to permit you to charge your device and / or expand the screen to display content on multiple screens, it is smarter thanks to providing up to 90 watts of charging power for your laptop to urge the work done. Ideal for everyday use with an integrated phone holder and a wise speaker to scale back clutter on the table. Its distinctive asymmetrical metal arm is often adjusted to fit your viewing height for optimum comfort. The solid Terrazzo gray base brings the soundness which extra sense of luxury that users expect from a Lenovo design.

o on offer for contemporary families are smarter value choices wrapped during a beautiful package are two more Q-Series custom monitors - the larger 27-inch Lenovo Q27q-20 with up to QHD resolution and also the 23.8-inch Lenovo Q24i-20 with Full HD.

With an analogous ultra-thin 7.1mm head and triangular design with almost no edges, these sleek mainstream monitors combine sophistication and luxury with an ergonomic stand, built-in natural low blue light technology for eye health and a strong display function. These two-tone silver / black monitors, together with their metal leading brother, are easy to control and optimize with only 1 depression via the smarter Lenovo Artery features.