Lost Ark: Player blackmails newcomers

Photo Credits : Smilegate / Promo

On Reddit, someone reported that a player is besieging newbies who just want to do their quests. He keeps killing the new players and only stops when he is paid gold. On Reddit, players advise on how to counteract this.

Lost Ark has only been available from us for a short time, but it is already immensely popular. According to Amazon Game Studios, the new action role-playing game already has more than 4.7 million players. Due to demand, the second EU region, Europe West, was recently opened. Of course, with the number of users, some bad eggs also come to light. On Reddit, the players are currently discussing a particularly nasty example. Anyone interested in Amazon’s action RPG can buy various starter packs for the game from Amazon, with prices starting at $20.

PvP player takes money from newbies

This is reported by a player who ambushed new players on the PvP island in Lost Ark. The newcomers only want to complete their quests in the area. But the robber besieges them and kills them again and again. In the chat, he writes that he won’t stop killing until the players pay him 10 gold.

This behavior has sparked some discussion on the Lost Ark subreddit. While some users make fun of it, others want to help the newbies and band together to put an end to the robber. A user jokes that he wants to kill the robber just to take his place and then charge the newbies for 15 gold. Others write that there was exactly the same behavior in other games such as World of Warcraft or Lineage.

A user writes that there were such players on the Korean servers a long time ago. However, the players there quickly took action against this behavior. You would have teamed up with several players and fought together against the highwaymen. Another user replies that this would not be possible on the EU or US servers, since western players would mostly ignore their fellow players.

In other news, the new MMO-ARPG Lost Ark enjoys great popularity, but full servers cause great annoyance among the players, who react with review frustration.

Since February 11, Lost Ark, which originally only started in South Korea, can also be played in the USA and the players on Steam were initially enthusiastic about the new online game so that there was an average rating of 96 percent at the beginning. However, this was mainly based on the ratings of the Alpha from June 2021 and the ratings of those players who paid money for early access to the free-to-play title.