Mercedes-Benz Wallbox: Monitor Charging

Mercedes-Benz Wallbox: Monitor Charging

Photo Credits: MercedesBenz/Promo

The Mercedes-Benz Wallbox Charger includes a number of smart capabilities, including the ability for owners to control and monitor the charging process of their electric vehicle from anywhere. Aside from its opulent exterior, it also provides future protection, additional security features, and a hefty price tag. The German automaker is known for creating outlandish EV concepts, but its all-electric lineup is anything but.

The first EQ-series model, the EQS sedan based on the S-Class, was introduced in 2021, followed by the seven-seat EQB SUV. Improved and more sustainable mileage, which will be available on a number of future vehicles, including the EQA compact SUV, the EQV luxury van, and the EQE midsize sedan. While the cost of charging EVs at home may appear enticing, the process can be time-consuming due to long wait periods and frequently unpleasant usage; here is where Mercedes-innovative Benz's charging solution comes in.

The Mercedes-Benz Wallbox is designed to keep up with the company's growing fleet of electric vehicles, but it can also charge other makes and models of electric vehicles. The firm has announced that the Wallbox can be controlled remotely via the Mercedes me app, which includes charge monitoring and other features. Europe will get it sometime in April, with the rest of the world following suit.

With electric vehicle charging facilities becoming a new household requirement in some areas, the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox may be worth considering given the several benefits it provides. They can also manually start and stop the process using the app. The app can also show the vehicle's current charging state and history, as well as a breakdown of cumulative energy costs. This enables owners to handle numerous vehicles at the same time, providing them control over each charging process separately.

To prevent illegal use, homeowners can remotely lock the Wallbox using the app or a soon-to-be-compatible RFID card. Of course, the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox's current feature set isn't final, as it can still receive wireless upgrades that add even more capability. Overall, it appears like Mercedes-Benz is focusing on making these charging stations more accessible and easy, without the extra controversy.