Logitech POP Mouse - Dare more color

Logitech POP Mouse - Dare more color

Photo Credits: Logitech/Promo

Don't like grey-black office furniture? The Logitech POP Mouse adds a splash of color and emotion to the workplace.

While most workplace mice make themselves at home in the drab gray and staid office corner, Logitech's POP Mouse is striking new ground.

Because the mouse is brimming with contemporary Tik-Tok costumes, models in trendy Tik-Tok outfits present the models. The color schemes have names like Daydream, Blast, and Heartbreaker. In order to differentiate itself technically, the POP Mouse includes its own emoji button.

That already sounds like a lot of one-of-a-kind marketing points. In the following test, we will determine how much fun the mouse is and, more importantly, who would benefit from such a model.

Appearance, shape and workmanship

At first glance, it is evident that the POP Mouse is not a mass-produced item. The color combinations Daydream (mint-lilac), Blast (yellow-black), and Heartbreaker (raspberry-coral) make the mouse a focal point.

The colors are vibrant and unmistakably personal. We found the combinations to be harmonic and pleasant in the correct setting.

When it comes to the form of the POP Mouse, Logitech has taken inspiration from the previously published Pebble M350. The POP Mouse also has a flat design that rises slightly towards the back and, due to its small size, does not have an ergonomic shape. Despite the fact that the curve narrows towards the bottom, it fits comfortably in the hand. It is also incredibly mobile, with a length of only 10.4 cm.

The mouse is stable, as is to be expected from Logitech. The mouse wheel and buttons appear to be fixed in place.

Installation, runtime and range

With Bluetooth, installing the POP Mouse is simple and painless. After activating the mouse with a switch on the bottom of the mouse, we go to our notebook's Bluetooth settings and pair the two devices.

The setup is a little more complicated with the Logi Bolt adaptor. This is not included in the scope of delivery and must be ordered separately. It's a shame because the mouse can only be used with a limited number of desktop devices that require additional fees.

We put in the bolt adapter of the Logitech POP Keys keyboard that matches the mouse, but it didn't recognize our mouse right away. First, we must launch the supplementary Logi-Bolt software and search for other devices. We're accustomed to things being simpler.

Everything works perfectly after the initial configuration. According to Logitech, the mouse with an AA battery can last up to 24 months. As a result, you won't have to bother about charging on a frequent basis.

In wireless mode, the mouse can also be used from the other (home) office side, which equates to a distance of around 6 meters in our situation. The maximum range specified by Logitech is 10 meters.

Buttons, switches, sensor, and mouse wheel

The POP Mouse has one additional button in addition to the two primary buttons and the mouse wheel button. This is set to open the emoji menu in Windows by default, but it can be reprogrammed. The POP Mouse lacks additional thumb buttons, which we think is a reasonable decision for a mobile mouse.

The keys create nearly no noise when pressed thanks to SilentTouch technology. This makes them ideal for working in open-plan offices or in public settings like cafes or on trains.

Unfortunately, the two major buttons are very easily depressed. As a result, we found ourselves mistakenly clicking the right mouse button multiple times during the test. This is not a broken leg, but it was inconvenient when it happened on a regular basis.

Overall, the emoji button falls into the category of "gimmick." Nonetheless, we found ourselves using them more and more instead of the traditional emoji menu in apps like Teams or Discord over time.

Logitech includes an optical sensor with a sensitivity of up to 4,000 dpi behind the hood.

Logitech's mouse wheel is once again powered by a smart wheel. We discover ourselves in a gridded, step-by-step scrolling while steadily pressing it. When we press harder on the mouse wheel, it spins freely, allowing us to quickly navigate the page.

Software, Settings and Multi-Tasking

If you wish to customize the POP Mouse to your liking, you can do so using the optional and free Logitech Options software.

The mouse sensitivity and scroll direction of the mouse wheel, among other things, can be modified here. Keys can also be reassigned, with Logitech providing a variety of handy settings.

We may also adjust the additional key assignment for various apps, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and WeChat.

Anyone who works with multiple devices at the same time will appreciate the POP Mouse's multitasking capabilities. We use a button on the mouse's bottom to freely choose between up to three devices that are connected by Bluetooth or Logi Bolt.


Overall, the Logitech POP Mouse is a good mobile mouse for office work with an eye-catching design and a variety of unusual extra capabilities. On its own, it's not a bad deal at roughly 40 dollars.

However, the mouse must be compared against Logitech's in-house competition, the Pebble M350. It costs about $ 15 cheaper and includes a USB adaptor. You must forego the Emoji button and the SmartWheel. And, of course, the POP Mouse's distinct appearance.

As a result, the Pebble M350 should be the more practical choice for most office users. Nonetheless, the POP Mouse fills its own modest niche as a mobile lifestyle product.