Seagate: External hard drives up to 4TB for PS 5

Seagate: External hard drives up to 4TB for PS 5

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While the paucity of units continues to signal the rise of its users, the PS5 gradually expands its base of players and games. And, with some releases as powerful as this month, it's no surprise that many people run out of storage space on their consoles. However, thanks to Seagate, there will be a simple solution.

After passing through the Microsoft console with certain external memory cartridges, it is now the time for the next generation Sony system, which receives specially designed external hard drives, optimized with software, and officially approved for its correct functioning for both PS4 and PS5 consoles.

This means that these storages provide us with optimal performance and speed outside of the consoles' internal memories, allowing us to enjoy a seamless gaming experience without having to stop erasing other titles or open and replace console components.

As a result, it is a lightweight HDD with a plug-and-play installation method that will provide us with full compatibility in less than two minutes and without the need for additional tools or installers. We will have two various models and capacities, which will vary depending on the 2 TB and 4 TB versions.

Furthermore, because these Seagate devices are connected and powered by their own high-speed USB-A 3.2 Gen 1 connector, they do not require any additional power cables.

Owners may also play PS4 games straight from the disc. The new drives are backed by a one-year limited warranty, giving gamers peace of mind. Seagate's Game Drive, which will be available next month, will cost as little as $92.49 for the 2TB variant and $139.99 for the 4TB model (about $81 and $123 respectively).

Additionally, on the occasion of the release of Horizon Forbidden West, Seagate has announced a limited edition inspired by the game, an HDD with a unique white exterior finish on the one that accentuates the portrait of its heroine, Aloy.

The Horizon Forbidden West Limited Edition Game Drive will be released on the same day, but at a slightly higher price, beginning at $99.99 for the base 2TB version and going up to $159.99 for a special 5TB edition.

Sony has recently issued a new system update for both the PS4 and PS5, adding a good selection of new accessibility and quality of life improvements, most notably the previously advanced voice control feature for your new generation console.

Starting with a beta version that is only available to English-speaking users in the United States and the United Kingdom for the time being, but has already been confirmed for a later addition in the rest of the languages, the company is adding a system option that will make the console respond to the "Hey PlayStation" voice command, similar to the one currently performed by the PS4, allowing us to navigate through the menu and even launch applications.

Sony is also changing the way group conversations, which will soon be renamed "Party," work by introducing the option to change groups to private or open to the public as part of the same upgrade. A function that will be open to all of our friends without the need for an invitation, as well as your friends. Although this rule will not be in effect indefinitely, we also cannot speak about a completely public chat.