Meta wants best computer in the world

Meta wants best computer in the world

Photo Credits: Meta/Promo

The parent company of the Facebook social network, Meta Platforms, announced that members of its research team have created a new supercomputer intended for researching artificial intelligence, and they believe that when it is completed, which is planned for mid-2022, it will be the fastest in the world.

In a post on the company’s blog, Meta writes that its new AI Research SuperCluster (RSC) will enable the company to develop an even better supercomputer designed to research artificial intelligence.

The modules should use several features, understand trillions of post contexts, work in hundreds of languages ​​and simultaneously analyze texts, images and videos, all to determine if the content is harmful.

They believe it could help them develop even better software based on artificial intelligence technology, for example, to enable better monitoring of hate speech in posts on popular social network.

“Apart from the fact that the research will contribute to the safety of the users of our services today, it will also contribute to their safety in the future, while we are creating a metaverse”,

the company Meta announced.

The metaverse is a kind of collection of digital places within which people interact with each other and with those systems. This includes everything from social networking platforms and applications to games and online banking websites. The ultimate reach of the metaverse is virtual reality, which we encounter in some video games today.

The company also announced that it is simultaneously developing new virtual reality tools. According to CNN, it could soon start developing “completely new AI systems”, such as simultaneous translations for larger groups of people who speak different languages, which is one of the possible ways to apply this highly sophisticated device. Zuckerberg’s Facebook changed its name to Meta in October, hinting at its new focus on the metaverse, which it believes will inherit the mobile internet.

“The experience on which we build the metaverse requires enormous computing power - quintillion operations per second, and our supercomputer will enable new AI models can learn from trillions of examples, understand hundreds of languages ​​and more”,

wrote on a Facebook post, director of Meta Company Mark Zuckerberg.

A spokesman for Meta said that the company has teamed up with teams from Nvidia, Pure Storage and Penguin Computing, which are engaged in the development of supercomputers, the development of artificial intelligence at all levels and for all platforms. Of course Meta plans really need to have the best technology that currently exists.