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Blockchain: Web3, another way for the same goal

Web3 is a term that you will hear a lot about in the future months/years. It is a group of technologies that promises to offer a n...

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Facebook is preparing a redesign to compete with TikTok

Following the significant overhaul of its major brand to become Meta, it appears that Facebook's own social network is ready to ma...

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Facebook Reels - Now Reels are everywhere

Now it is possible to make money from reels on Instagram, it will probably be the same soon on Facebook. You can also like Story ...

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Why is Facebook Business Manager useful tool?

Facebook Business Manager is a free tool developed by Meta (Facebook) to allow companies and agencies to easily manage their pages...

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Facebook: The number of active users is declining

Meta will soon run on the stock exchange under the name META, signaling that the future is the metaverse, focusing on life of peop...

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“Free” internet for users, not really

Meta estimates that operators have charged users about $7.8 million a month since last summer. The ‘free’ regime are only on paper...

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