NINTENDO SWITCH PROTECTS YOU FROM BURGLARS: You probably didn’t know about this console function!

Photo Credits : DepositPhotos

One of the things that few Nintendo Switch users know is that the right joystick on the bottom has an infrared transceiver, which is designed as an accessory that can be used in certain games.

Unfortunately, only a few development teams saw this as a useful addition, so the right joystick remained just – a joystick.

When someone cuts through the infrared beam, the Switch can detect a moment or trigger an alarm.

The development team says that the joystick works best when placed on the edge of a flat surface, and you have four different alarms to choose from in case someone breaks the set beam.

Keep in mind that the beam limit is about 1 meter away, as is the joystick battery, so do not count on Spy Alarm to replace a home burglar alarm system, but it can be a fun accessory you can use when you want to see who is breaking at night diet or sneaks out of the house, even when he returns.

The application also allows you to change the sensitivity of the IR beam with a simple slider, as well as to view a log that records all the activities detected by the joystick.

By: Deya – Gossip Whispers