Peugeot cars will become fully electric after 2030

Photo Credits : Peugeot / promo

A long line of car companies that have announced the transition to electric drives is joined by the French Peugeot, which, as part of the Stellantis concern, will embrace electrification even before the EU legally requires it.

Photo Credits: Peugeot / promo

In an interview with Automotive News Europe General Executive Director of Peugeot, Linda Jackson confirmed that this brand connects the trend of complete electrification of its range. This primarily refers to the European market, where after 2030 it will not be possible to buy a non-electric car with a lion badge.

Any new model, which will arrive on the European market after 2030, will be 100% electric, Jackson confirmed, while models with internal combustion engines will remain on offer for customers from other parts of the world.

Photo Credits: Peugeot / promo

This move is in line with the strategy of the Stellantis concern, which announces a complete transition to electric models for the European market. They will be based on the new STLA platform (in three sizes for cars, Small, Medium, Large, and in the Truck version), and the transition should happen by the end of this decade.

This means that the concern, and consequently Peugeot, will switch to fully electric models five years before Europe prescribes it. Other leading Stellantis brands are going in the same direction – DS, Opel, and Alfa Romeo. Currently, Peugeot offers about 70% of the models at least partially electrified, and by 2024 the entire range will have at least a hybrid option. The transition will come first with the retirement of the non-electrified models 108 and 5008, and then with the launch of the new line of compact SUV 3008, which will have a 100% electric version.