Professional players on the edge of nerves

The problem, sources write, is that the decision was made too late and that the whole thing cost a lot of organizers a lot of money.

Professional players on the edge of nerves

Photo Credits: Valve Corporation / Promo

Valve has officially canceled the Dota 2 Winter Major.

The problem, sources write, is that the decision was made too late and that the whole thing cost a lot of organizers a lot of money.

Valve has canceled the first Dota 2 Major tournament in 2022. The event was scheduled to take place in February and become the basis for the Winter Tour.

'Ahead of the closing of the Dota Pro Circuit 2021-2022 Winter Tour season, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the first Major .' writes the official blog. 'While everyone was looking forward to the international LAN event, the speed with which new Covida-19 variants were spreading resulted in tighter travel restrictions and made it impossible for many qualified teams to travel to the tournament venue.'

Due to this decision, the winter tour will end after all regional tournaments. Valve also said the points that should have been awarded during this Major will be transferred to the Second and Third Major.

'In this way, the balance of points between regional and interregional tournaments remains intact.'

Late cancellations cause some serious problems for professional Dota 2 teams - in financial and placement terms. Furthermore, there is no information on when players will be able to switch between teams - which is usually done after the Majors.

If the event had taken place, he would not have had an audience. Dota 2 LAN events have been held in a private setting for two years, while plans for live audiences during International 10 in Bucharest have been canceled.

These problems, however, coincided with a lot of criticism of the game, that is, the way Valve leads it. The company is very well known for a complete lack of communication which is one thing if we are talking about game development and quite another when we are talking about decisions that literally affect someone’s livelihood. The decision to cancel the Major was published on the blog without any additional information - which justifiably developed professionals and teams who are now looking for answers to a bunch of different questions.

Many believe Valve made a big mistake by canceling the tournament, and the whole thing coincides with general criticism of Dota 2 where some think the last battle pass was a robbery, while others say Valve doesn't support either the game or the scene - the game hasn't received any updates. At the heart of it all is the fact that Valve canceled the tournament in an instant - after the organizations had already made plans and logistics for the tournaments - paying a lot of money.

Valve has rightly decided that live tournaments are not a good idea because of the pandemic, but the problems of the professional scene about the way the whole thing was conducted also keep the side of the story.