Valve is not interested in exclusive titles

Photo Credits : Windows Central

In an FAQ round with developers and publishers, Valve said no to the question of whether there was any interest in exclusive games for the Steam Deck. Since the handheld is a PC, it should also play games like a PC, the company said.

At the Steam Deck Event, developers and publishers recently had the chance to ask Valve questions about the Steam Deck. Among other things, the question arose whether Valve was interested in exclusive games for the handheld PC. The answer was:

” No. We don’t see any point in it. It’s a PC and it should play games like a PC. “

Exclusive titles would make less sense

Photo Credits: Valve / promo

The Steam Deck is said to run on release with a modified version of Valve’s SteamOS, which was designed with an interface similar to that of a console so that players can easily find their way around the Steam Store and their own library. In addition, there is access to an unrestricted computer desktop on which third-party applications can be installed and used.

That basically means that titles outside of Steam can also be played on the device, which ultimately makes it a handheld PC. From this perspective, it becomes clear that there would be little use in developers creating games exclusively for Valve’s Steam Deck that don’t run on PC. Perhaps that would boost sales of the handheld, but in return, it would annoy players who do not own the Steam Deck.

It is also known that the release of the Steam Deck will be postponed from December this year to February 2022. This means that customers who were already further back in the queue have to be even more patient. In addition, there is new information about AMD’s SoC, which is built into the Steam Deck. This has the code name “Aerith” and is equipped with eight cores, four threads, and 512 shaders.