REMOVE EVERYTHING FROM CLOUD SERVICE: Samsung shuts down its cloud, there will be no other extension

Photo Credits : Unsplash

Samsung has decided to discontinue its Cloud service, free online storage space for Galaxy users.

The original deadline for migrating or moving files was June 30, then August 31, but as users were not notified in time or were not yet able to respond in a timely manner, Samsung extended the deadline to November 30.

However, it is the end date, after which users will no longer be able to use Samsung Cloud at all, but the files from it will be available for easy migration only until October 1!

You may not remember activating it, but if you have a Samsung account, then you also have Samsung Cloud, so look at that memory on your phone, maybe some precious pictures, videos, and some other files ended up there anyway.

Samsung users in the Samsung Cloud service have 5, 15, or more gigabytes of memory available, let’s say one of our accounts has 115 GB (15 basic + 100 GB promotions with Note purchase) and due to the amount of memory it is necessary to take care when switching to a new service – yes there will be enough free memory on it.

So, react on time and transfer your files to Microsoft OneDrive in just a few clicks or to some other Cloud service of your choice. If you opt for OneDrive, you can do everything from your Galaxy phone using a Wi-Fi network, quickly and easily thanks to the integration of Samsung Cloud and Microsoft OneDrive services. With Dropbox, Box, MEGA, or any other service it will be a bit more complicated, but still very feasible.

If you don’t have any Cloud service or your other Cloud doesn’t have enough free space, then simply merge the files and download them to your computer or phone’s internal storage.

By: Amber V. – Gossip Whispers