Review: Corsair CX750F White – Steady Power

Photo Credits : Corsair/Promo

The Corsair CX750F is the most powerful power supply in this series, targeting three different performances: from 550 to 750 W.

The power supply comes in black or white and you get all the cables better. All cables are completely modular and have a flattened design for a more attractive appearance in the case. In addition to the main, 24-pin, you also get two sets of 6 + 2-pin cables for PCIe expansion and an 8-pin CPU output for the motherboard. As standard, you get SATA and MOLEX cables, enough for a few disks, but also all the RGB controllers you could want. Several additional RGB control cables are provided on the fan, depending on whether you are using the controller or connecting it directly to the motherboard’s USB slot.

With dimensions of 150 x 86 x 140 mm, it is very compact and should fit in most enclosures with plenty of cable management space, or in smaller enclosures. Of course, given that today a large number of housings have covered parts with power supply, we believe that this model is ideal for purchase provided that the power supply will really be seen, as well as the fan or its lighting.

Stable and modern

Given the color, we put it in a high-end build from the last issue with a white case, and it fits great. The power supply is 80+ Bronze certified, which means that its efficiency is above 85% under high or low load, or above 88% under ideal conditions when the load is around 50%. It is important to note that when buying a power supply you still consult one of the calculators to know which segment of power to target, and a little more power comes in handy to keep the power supply under lower load.

Photo Credits: Corsair/Promo

Although this is the most powerful model, for most, a 550 W power supply will be ideal. It should be emphasized that the power supply is based on a modern platform with VRM components and this, with the addition of RGB lighting, raised the final price. Keep in mind that the power supply comes with a five-year warranty, but, of course, they usually last much longer than that.

We must emphasize that as the maximum load approaches, the implemented fan will be noticeably amplified, but it is likely that the rest of the system will then have increased active cooling.