Review: ROCCAT Kone XP - an ergonomic mouse

Unlike other products in its family such as the Kone Pro Air, the Kone XP multi-button design is combined with sleek ergonomics.

Review: ROCCAT Kone XP - an ergonomic mouse

Photo Credits: Roccat/Promo

ROCCAT has just announced the addition of a new Kone XP gaming mouse, a 15-year culmination that dares to stand up to all its predecessors in every way, with carefully improved ergonomics and innovative 3D RGB lighting. Together with a 19,000 DPI optical sensor. As well, new and faster switches and a huge number of buttons that can be assigned make it one of the most customizable and configurable PC gaming mice on the market.

Unlike other products in its family such as the Kone Pro Air, the Kone XP multi-button design is combined with sleek ergonomics, reduced weight and the comfort of ROCCAT’s distinctive Kone silhouette. This brand once again redefines RGB lighting with up to 22 LED lights on the Kone XP, its transparent housing and the revolutionary 4D Crystal Wheel that scatters RGB lighting through a transparent smoky design to create a 3D lighting effect. 4D Crystal Wheel also adds left and right inputs for standard vertical click and scroll function, all accompanied by ROCCAT’s distinctive tactile feel.


Kone XP has more buttons than any other mouse in its price range. It has 15 buttons and thanks to Easy-Shift technology, has 29 button functions, which are ideal for strategy games and MMOs such as the recently released Lost Ark or the recently released Elden Ring. It also features its ROCCAT Titan optical switch, faster than any mechanical switch and lasts twice as long, with an activation speed of an impressive 0.2 milliseconds that offers adjustable bounce time.


At the heart of the Kone XP PC gamers will find a 19,000 DPI Optical Eye-Eye sensor (based on PikArt’s PAV3370). The Ovl-Eye sensor monitors all mouse movements with exceptional precision for extreme precision during game sessions and is customizable via ROCCAT’s Svarn software package.

Kone XP’s transparent housing is the best setting for presenting ROCCAT’s AIMO lighting motor and its ecosystem; can be synchronized with other ROCCAT AIMO compatible products such as Magma membrane keyboard or award-winning Vulcans. AIMO produces displays with vivid lighting in 16.8 million colors right out of the box, with no complicated setup.

Kone P also has a ROCCAT PhantomFlex cable and heat-treated PTFE guides for the same freedom of movement as a wireless mouse. With a flexible, lightweight cable that won’t get tangled, and a stand that slides smoothly over any rug or table.