Samsung Galaxy Book new model on MVC 2022

The company promises to improve the thickness and weight of its equipment (the Galaxy Book series has always stood out in these aspects).

Samsung Galaxy Book new model on MVC 2022

Photo Credits: Samsung/Promo

The presentation is expected at MVC 2022, which starts next week in Barcelona. The goal is nothing more than to continue to improve its position in the computer market. According to the company’s own data, sales of Samsung personal computers increased by 63% annually in 2021. This figure seems optimistic, and we know that Samsung has set itself a difficult goal.

Samsung is well known as the world leader in the sale of smartphones or TVs, as well as the world’s first manufacturer of semiconductor revenues in close combat with Intel. It also has an important catalog of computers, which focused on providing the best experiences in mobility and connecting with the rest of the Samsung ecosystem of products both in the business field and in games.

The new generation of the Galaxy Book

Laptops, 2-in-1 different screen sizes and hardware levels were Samsung’s top personal PCs. It will be presented with prominent Intel hardware, Microsoft operating systems. Perhaps surprises such as the spectacular Galaxy Book Fold 17 folding time.

As part of this initiative, Samsung will emphasize the continuity of the devices, ensuring that they work together within the Galaxy ecosystem. It is crucial that the technology works well regardless of the operating system or the form factor they use.

The company is advancing together with Microsoft in applications, and during 2022 it will expand these experiences. In the future, it will bring users more continuity as they work, connect and play.

Galaxy Mobility is powered by Intel

With the new generation Galaxy Book, Samsung aims to offer the “best PC experience” to date, combining the best mobility and connected Galaxy ecosystem with the most advanced Intel processors (Alder Lake) to improve performance.

The company promises to improve the thickness and weight of its equipment (the Galaxy Book series has always stood out in these aspects) to increase mobility and autonomy, and ultimately productivity.

More security

Samsung wants to be as secure as possible. To deliver the most secure computers, work with Intel and Microsoft to ensure the next generation of devices meet the most stringent security standards. This also provides better functionality in operation.


Samsung will announce the new generation Galaxy Book on MMVC 2022 and we expect devices with different screen sizes. Packed with 12 generation Intel processors. Connection with its Galaxy mobile ecosystem, better continuity between devices and improved security in response to increased cyber security risks. Cyber ​​security itself is first and foremost important for business.