Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Review - Beautiful design

They are beautiful, Galaxy Buds Live have a great coating and they look premium. Colors: Mystic Black, Mystic White, Mystic Red, Mystic Bronze, Mystic Blue.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Review - Beautiful design

Photo Credits: Samsung/Promo

Unique design

These headphones are ideal for people who do not like silicone in-ear design, and at the same time, with their unique look, they ensure a solid hold in the ear. They look like beans, they are beautiful, Galaxy Buds Live have a great coating and they look premium. Colors: Mystic Black, Mystic White, Mystic Red, Mystic Bronze, Mystic Blue.

The Galaxy Buds series is being developed together with flagship Galaxy smartphones, and accordingly the latest models of headphones come in colors that go with the current offer of mobile phones. After the release of the Galaxy S21 series mobile phones, the price of these headphones has dropped significantly, which currently makes them an attractive option to buy as they bring a number of advanced features in a very compact design.

The headphones themselves come in a unique bean-like shape that significantly deviates from competing solutions, but that’s why just using the headphones was a surprising experience. At the same time, they presented the problems precisely because of the way they are handled. At first, the headphones do not have clear holding points for the ear, but Samsung very clearly shows with animation how they are placed in the ear to sit for an ideal position. The problem is that, unlike headphones with silicone inserts, they have only one size that will not be ideal for all ear sizes, and we still recommend them to people with medium or larger ears, because some people bothered to wear headphones for longer. The headphones have several sizes of rubber attachments, but they are not on the part of the ear canal, but for the earphone only. Once you put them on properly, the headphone design itself gives them a center of gravity very close to your ear, which you’ll quickly notice because these headphones just don’t fall out as long as you do natural head movements. The headphones offer about six hours of operation on a single charge, depending on the features included, where the ANC still takes its toll with some hour of listening time less.

The case of the headphones follows the color in which they come, and it is one of the smallest boxes on offer. Despite this, it can offer almost three more full headphone charges. Putting the headphones in the box is supported by magnets, which are not too strong at the same time, so they are easy to remove. The headphones have a fast charge, so five minutes in the box is enough for about an hour of listening to music. The headphones connect to the mobile phone to which they are connected as soon as you open the box, so they are ready to work as soon as you put them in your ears. The case is charged with a USB-C charger, and they also support wireless charging.

Each headset, in addition to the battery, has three microphones and an IR sensor to detect when you remove them from your ear. The outside of the headphones is touch-sensitive and allows you to control the headphones through four programmable commands. The headphones use large 12 mm drivers, which are customized by AKG. We would describe the sound as very rich, with pronounced deeper tones that have an impressive “beat”, without distortion of the higher tones. As the headphones do not have physical isolation from the environment, external sounds can impair the quality of playback. Samsung has implemented an ANC system (active noise cancellation) that really reduces lows, but again without a closed ear canal, sounds can still be heard through the headset. The volume of the headphones can be very high, which will appeal to those who find themselves in a loud environment.

While the headphones connect easily to systems outside Samsung’s environment (but you don’t have access to Bixby), we advise you to download an application from the headphones that adds many functionalities, such as EQ system, ANC control and the inclusion of “Gaming Mode” which significantly reduces latency audio signals for more comfortable multimedia monitoring via headphones.