Samsung’s new 980 PRO SSD model has a heat conductor and PS5 compatibility

Photo Credits : Samsung / promo

Samsung has announced a new model of its 980 PRO SSD, which will implement a heat conductor and offer official support for the Sony PlayStation 5 console. The new model is designed to heat less than its predecessor, which did not have a heat conductor, and there are new firmware improvements.

The new 980 PRO SSD uses Samsung’s cooling system with “Samsung Advanced Heat Dissipation Technology”. As designed for the PS5, the SSD was created to maintain optimal temperatures and performance when used in the said console.

With sequential speeds of up to 7000 MB / s, Samsung’s SSD is more than enough to exceed Sony’s speed requirements for the 555 MB / s PS5.

The new Samsung 980 PRO SSD, with heat conductor, will be released on October 29 in 1TB and 2TB variants, at prices of $ 250 and $ 450. SSDs will have a five-year warranty.

By: Amber V. – Zexron