Smartwatches - opportunities and obstacles

Smartwatches are a useful gadget, but they are not for everyone. Before you decide which smartwatch to buy, ask yourself why you want it.

Smartwatches - opportunities and obstacles

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Smartwatches have transformed from simple devices that display time to ultra-advanced gadgets that fit on our wrists. They receive notifications and calls, access applications, and even analyze our health and physical activities. Wondering if a smartwatch is a gadget for you? It depends on how you use your smartphone, what obligations you face every day and what your lifestyle is like and whether you want to improve it in some segments.

Below, we bring you all about the pros and cons of smartwatches to discover if there is room in your life for this wearable technology.

Reasons to use a smartwatch

Looking for the best fitness motivation, look no further than smartwatches. These wearables feature sophisticated sensors and algorithms that collect and systematize information about your body 24 hours a day. Find out how fit you are, how to train and sleep better, and whether you have hidden health problems such as high blood pressure or irregular heartbeats.

In addition to being a useful tool for health care, a smartwatch helps you be more productive and rely less on smartphones. All notifications from your smartphone come to the smartwatch, so you won’t miss a single important notification, message or call. Set reminders for important appointments and birthdays, a shopping list or an alarm clock to start the morning with a slight vibration on your wrist instead of a loud alarm on your cell phone.

With a smartwatch, a mobile phone will no longer be your priority. The smartwatch removes temptations in the form of social networks or video games that you are exposed to on your smartphone, and if you have a smartwatch with a SIM card, you can even make phone calls on it.

You will no longer need a smartphone even for contactless payment. On a smartwatch, use apps like Google Pay and Samsung Pay without being connected to a smartphone and pay in stores with one swipe of your hand without wasting time looking for a wallet or mobile phone in your bag or pocket. Smartwatches aren’t for everyone though, and here are a few reasons why you and a smartwatch may not be a good fit.

The downsides of using smartwatches

Smartwatches, no matter how sophisticated they may be, still can’t replace medical devices like the ECG and oximeter, nor the official diagnosis of a doctor. The data collected by smartwatches are insufficiently accurate and provides only a partial insight into the general state of your well-being.

If you are interested in a device primarily for tracking physical activities, steps are taken and calorie consumption, do not think about which smartwatch to choose and opt for a fitness bracelet instead. In addition to being cheaper and smaller, fitness bracelets have drastically greater battery life. Smartwatches have notoriously poor autonomy and it is rare for models to survive over 24 hours on a single charge. With the powerful devices you already charge every day like smartphones, cordless headphones, robotic vacuum cleaners, e-scooters ... do you have the patience for another one?

The same question applies to smartwatch notifications. The fact that with a smartwatch you will never miss a single message, call or notification is not necessarily a positive thing. Too many commitments cause stress and reminders that keep saying you’re not done with work negatively affect mental health. Also, don’t rely on smartwatches to cure your smartphone addiction.

Although smartwatches promise independence from mobile phones, models with SIM cards are still a rarity. Most users still can’t make or receive a phone call without a phone nearby, and most smartwatch apps can’t be installed without a smartphone app.

For the end

Smartwatches are a useful gadget, but they are not for everyone. Before you decide which smartwatch to buy, ask yourself why you want it. If you are interested in detailed information about how your body works and if you need help to solve your obligations more efficiently, a smartwatch is a perfect answer to your needs. However, you already have most of the features of smartwatches on your smartphone. For most users, this is more than enough.