Star Citizen prepares the next free-fly event

For the space simulation Star Citizen, the next free-fly event is imminent, which starts on November 19th and runs until December 1st.

Star Citizen prepares the next free-fly event

Photo Credits: CLOUD IMPERIUM GAMES / promo

The Cloud Imperium Games announced the "Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2951" for their long-term Star Citizen project, which will start on November 19th and last to December 1st. During this period of 13 days, Star Citizen will be playable for free and again have some innovations ready. Such free-fly events are not uncommon in Star Citizen. Last September, Star Citizen implemented such events with the Ship showdown. Free test flights and new vehicles

The free-fly event is to offer over 100 spaceships, whose skills players can prove in test flights. In addition, there should be announcements for new vehicles as well as special vehicle paintwork and in-game items. You can find a timetable for the upcoming 13 days of the free-fly event on the Roberts Space Industries website for the announcement of the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2951. If diving into Star Citizen and creating an account piques your interest, you can register via this link on the website.

Not that long ago, Star Citizen also received an alpha update with version 3.15. This came with "fatal consequences" because the developers introduced the death of your own character as a game element in the space sim. However, so that you can counteract it, the developers also took care of health and healing mechanics. Hospitals, rest stations, and ambulances were set up to ensure the recovery process in its own way.