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The LoL design comes with a new AOC monitor

Agon Pro AG275QXL, a novelty containing a 27 “, 1440p IPS panel with a refresh rate of 400 cd / m² at a refresh rate of 170 Hz.

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AOC GH401 review: cheap and good

The company shows its goal to offer us high-quality peripherals without giving up basic qualities such as design, comfort, or dura...

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AOC C32G2ZE Review: Affordable 32" curved monitor 240Hz

AOC C32G2ZE is a model of 32-inch monitor that belongs to the lower price category, but the quality of workmanship does not suffer...

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AOC G4309VX / D: 4K-UHD and 144 Hertz including HDR

The AOC G4309VX / D fulfills many of the wishes of gamers, but is also not an all-round carefree package. AOC focuses on the inner...

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AOC Gaming Q27G2S / EU: New gaming monitor

With the AOC Gaming Q27G2S/EU, is a new gaming monitor. It comes with a 27-inch IPS panel, 10-bit color depth, a refresh rate of 1...

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AOC Introduces Agon Pro AG274QG Gaming Monitor with 240...

Agon, a sub-brand of AOC for gaming monitors is getting better in terms of product offerings.

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