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Toyota pulls its first electric car - the wheels fall o...

Toyota has recalled its first EV, and Subaru has the same problem.

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Analog car for the digital age - Toyota GR86

Engine delivers more power: maximum power is increased by approximately 17%, from 200 hp / 147 kW to 234 hp / 172 kW at 7,000 rpm.

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Hyundai is probably rolling out hydrogen cars

So far, there are only two fuel cell cars on the market, the Hyundai Nexo and the Toyota Mirai. Now Hyundai announced that it will...

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The fifth-generation Toyota Prius is in the making

The Toyota Prius was once an icon of "green" transportation, but in the meantime, a lot has changed in the electrified vehicle mar...

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World premiere: Toyota introduces first electric model

With the NEW model came a new sub-brand of the vehicle, which will include exclusively battery-powered vehicles.

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