Tesla breaks records: The value of Musk's company could soon exceed a trillion dollars

When the world began to close en masse, sometime around March 20 last year, the price of one share of Tesla was about $ 85, and yesterday it exceeded $ 900.

Tesla breaks records: The value of Musk's company could soon exceed a trillion dollars

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At a time when almost the whole world began to close due to the pandemic, which was somewhere in the middle or in the second half of March 2020, the price of one share of Tesla was around $ 85. What followed probably surprised Musk's biggest optimists as well. The growth that, despite the pandemic, lockdown, and general insecurity that has reigned over the past little over a year and a half, Tesla has achieved is more than impressive.

Thus, at the close of the stock exchange yesterday, the price of one share was more than $ 900, while the market value exceeded an incredible $ 900 billion. If Tesla continues to grow like this, it doesn't seem far from exceeding a billion dollars. This would bring Musk and Tesla into a select group of companies whose value is already more than a trillion - Apple and Microsoft, which have already exceeded the figure of two trillion, and Amazon and Alphabet.

How worth Tesla is, is also shown by the data from Electrek, according to which its value is higher than the combined value of at least half of the companies from the car market.

The reasons for the constant increase in value lie in the high demand for their cars, the increase in sales margin, as well as the fact that, as of the end of the last quarter, they managed to produce one million cars within one year.

Although the stock market situation, especially in light of the many problems facing the global economy - from chip shortages to a disrupted supply chain to high inflation - is difficult to predict, Tesla's value is expected to continue to grow.

It is difficult to say to which figure, but an e-mail sent to Tesla employees last month revealed Musk's thoughts on the company's future and the growth of its value. According to him, and provided that the management and employees do a good job in the coming years (specifically, he talked about 2025), the value of one share of Tesla could be as high as $ 3,000.

That attitude and predicting stock price growth shows his change in thinking compared to the period two years ago (when the stock price was much lower) because he then told employees to ignore stock prices because they just represent a distraction to everyone in the company.

By: Amber V. - Zexron