The Huawei Watch D will measure blood pressure

Photo Credits : Huawei

Huawei will soon introduce a new smartwatch that will have a rather rare feature. The company has received a certificate for a wearable device that measures your blood pressure.

 Photo Credits: Huawei

One Chinese leakster found a promotional image of the device called the Huawei Watch D and immediately posted it on Weibo. Reports say it will be released in late December.

The product is in the final phase of testing, and according to Leakster, its accuracy rate is really good. The Watch D will be one of the few smartwatches for measuring blood pressure, and its design will also be unique in Huawei’s portfolio of wearable devices, reports Sparrows news.

All other watches of the company have either a circular design with two buttons or a rectangular touch screen with one universal button on the right side.

The Watch D has already been certified as a Class II medical device by the State Drug Administration, but may take some time until Huawei receives the necessary approval in other countries.