Tutorial dungeon as an explanation for new players

The new game from From Software isn't exactly beginner-friendly. Players are simply thrown into the world and must progress through the game on their own.

Tutorial dungeon as an explanation for new players

Photo Credits: From Software / Promo

The Soulsborne games from From Software are actually not exactly beginner-friendly. Players are simply thrown into the world and must progress through the game entirely on their own. Elden Ring aims to make it easier for new players to immerse themselves in the "Lands Between".

The latest game from From Software was released on February 25th and is already getting incredibly good reviews. The Japanese developer's action role-playing games aren't actually known for being particularly beginner-friendly. After starting the title, players are usually greeted by a few sparse messages that can be found in the landscape. After a little trial and error, they often find themselves in front of their first boss after just a few minutes. Elden Ring is set to take a different approach this time.

Players get Tutorial Dungeon

In Elden Ring, players will be presented with an optional tutorial dungeon. This is a series of different chambers designed to explain the basic mechanics of the game. The dungeon is called Cave of Knowledge. The players should get to know the most important features, such as the beacons, which are called Sites of Grace in Elden Ring. In addition, there are the well-known mechanics of light or heavy attacks, weapon abilities, or even blocking.

The different systems are explained to the players in detail with pop-up windows. There is also a boss fight at the end of the cave. However, this is not supposed to be like in the other games when users suddenly face their first real bosses, like the Asylum Demon or Iudex Gundyr. Rather, it is intended to be a training boss where players can try out the skills they have just learned. Players who successfully complete the tutorial cave should be rewarded with a new emote.

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