Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection PC

Everything that was impossible to imagine a few years ago is now coming true.The PC as an equal gaming platform with its PlayStation consoles.

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection PC

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The last two sequels of the legendary Uncharted in the remastered edition arrived on PC, just like on PlayStation 5, where we were as thrilled as the originals a few years ago

There is no longer any doubt that Sony is embracing the PC as an equal gaming platform with its PlayStation consoles. Everything that was impossible to imagine a few years ago is now coming true, as evidenced by the example of Uncharted, which just two weeks after God of War received its updated editions of the last two chapters for PC, with full support for powerful and overpriced hardware. allows. We admit that we would have preferred to see the remasters of the first three parts, Drake’s Fortune, Among Thieves and Drake’s Deception, given that they originally arrived in the old days on PlayStation 3, and the appearance of “four”, with some minor graphics, such as compilation on the mentioned console, but we are not dissatisfied either.

Besides the PC, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection has also been released for the PlayStation 5, which we are pleased with on the one hand, because of the DualSense controller and its simulation capabilities. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection gives us the opportunity to (re) play A Thief’s End, the fourth and final chapter of the series with Nathan Drake in the lead role, and The Lost Legacy, in which he is succeeded by two new adventurers. The crucial element that, apart from the gameplay, of course, players and critics love this franchise is the story, and it was created by the Naughty Dog team practically flawlessly in the final adventure of Nathan Drake.

We believe it is known to most, but without revealing too many details, we will recall Nathan and his brother Sam embarking on a treasure hunt for Captain Henry Avery, and the search takes them to numerous world locations around the world, including Libertalia, a pirate utopia. Forests of Madagascar. With improvements to the gameplay and innovation over its predecessor, in terms of more fluid combat and hook ropes, which refreshed established patterns of movement, the screenwriters adapted the story to the protagonist, and it is far more personal than before, which will put him to the test.

The Lost Legacy, on the other hand, focuses on Chloe Frazer, a girl who appeared in earlier sequels as a supporting character, but still important, given that Nathan fell for her charm. The more handsome she is, the more capable she is to survive various challenges and solve complex puzzles, but she will still have the help of Nadine Ross, who is the complete opposite of the host of the series.

Namely, she is a mercenary, and in the fourth chapter she was one of Nathan’s opponents, but because of personal interests, she still joins the handsome Chloe in search of priceless treasure, which will enable her future. Although the story was not at the level of its predecessor, The Lost Legacy boasted a beautiful open world, alternating with many impressive areas, from dense rainforests to urban areas and ancient ruins.

By launching these remastered releases on the PlayStation 5, it is already obvious at first glance that they are far better in terms of graphics, and we do not mean a mere increase in resolution, but that the authors have dedicated many hours to the details around us.

Because of that, we mostly felt like we were playing titles that were originally made for PS5, but some rough texture that flew into the frame reminded us that those games were made six or five years ago, but hand on heart, that doesn’t diminish the gameplay that has kept us relentlessly chasing the Legacy of Thieves for the past week, putting all other games in the background.

We don’t know if we’ve forgotten a bit about the original releases, but every action we’ve performed in this compilation seems much smoother and more convincing, whether it’s a close fight or a drive through the rainforest of the Indian subcontinent. Of course, the whole impression is further “bolded” by the excellent sound as well as the stimuli of the DualSense controller.

Each trigger of the weapon brings that fine resistance before firing, or, for example, localized shaking when swinging on a rope above the abyss, and similar situations are repeated almost constantly while playing both titles.

Although it is clear that in this case we have a quality remaster and many hours invested in refinement, Sony decided to go hand in hand with players who once bought A Thief’s End, The Lost Legacy, or their subsequently released compilation for PlayStation 4, so they upgrade for their editions on the Legacy of Thieves Collection can be purchased for ten euros, which is certainly commendable.

On the other hand, even the full price does not seem expcessive, given that these are the best action adventures of extremely high-quality stories, which are rarely seen. For new players, whether on PC or PS5, Legacy of Thieves should definitely be at the top of the wishlist, so if not now, be sure to get that compilation at some action.