We were at a special screening of the long-awaited film Dune. It is truly a visual masterpiece

Director Denis Villeneuve tackled an adaptation of the haunted book of the same name and managed to work a miracle. Here are our impressions

We were at a special screening of the long-awaited film Dune. It is truly a visual masterpiece

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The science-fiction adventure Dune, part one, is a film that has been prolonged several times due to the pandemic, and it has been talked about, written about, and speculated about for a long time, and director Denis Villeneuve has tackled the latest adaptation that many filmmakers have been resisting for years. Namely, Dune is the first novel out of six by the American writer Frank Herbert. It was released back in 1965 and since then it has not ceased to fascinate audiences around the world. After several attempts at film adaptations that always went wrong, judging by what was watched last night, Villeneuve was very successful in his work, and there is little to say that his version of Dune is a real visual masterpiece. He is a great and confident filmmaker who we usually know from hits such as Sicario, Arrival, and the new Blade Runner.

If you’re a fan, then you probably know how complex that work itself is, and enjoying it will require a higher dose of concentration. If you are not informed, then I will only briefly mention that the plot of the film is set in the future and follows the life and destiny of a certain Paul Atreides, a great and talented young man born for great things, son of Duke Leto Atreides, ruler of the sea planet Caladan. Namely, it was Emperor Shaddam IV who gave the Atreides not an easy task, and that is to take power over the planet Arrakis. Why? Well, it is there that a key ingredient for the development of civilization is hidden, the famous melange of the so-called spice that is a symbol of wealth and power. Of course, the one who controls its supplies also rules the universe. The benefits of spices also lie in the fact that it prolongs people's lives, it gives them energy, but it also allows them to travel safely through space. But on the dangerous Arrakis, the Atreides face their betrayals in parallel with attacks, monsters like giant sandworms, and the strange natives of the Fremen.

The short story in the new film Dune is accompanied by really great photography and music by the famous Hans Zimmer, which greatly contributes to the atmosphere, while the excellent script according to the book is signed by Jon Spaihts, Eric Roth, and Villeneuve himself. What is also indispensable is certainly a great cast. Timothée Chalamet thus embodies the young Paul Atreides, Rebecca Ferguson plays his mother, Lady Jessica Atreides, while his father, the Duke Leto Atreides, is played by the great Oscar Isaac. The film also stars Jason Momoa, Stellan Skarsgård, Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem and Zendaya. The film lasts two and a half hours, and since the plot is very fluid, you won't even feel the minutes. Although I'm not a fan of 3D movies, and this screening was just like that, this time I will state that I really like that format for this really SF spectacle that is worth watching on the big screen for a complete experience.

By: Amber V. - Zexron