'What if ...?': The second season will have new characters, more Phase 4 and will continue to go on its own

The first season of ' What if ...? 'already has all its chapters available on Disney +. The ninth episode of the Marvel animated series finally solves the mystery of the different cliffhangers that closed the previous chapters and lets us see again some of the heroes and heroines of the season such as Captain Carter or the dark Doctor Strange. At Marvel, they are already working on the second season, and their head writer has the first details.

'What if ...?': The second season will have new characters, more Phase 4 and will continue to go on its own

Photo Credits: Marvel Studios / promo

In an interview with EW, AC Bradley has revealed that the new chapters are already written and that, although the first season has had more connected stories than it seemed at first, the second season will maintain the anthology style of separate stories, without continuing with the ones we've already seen: "It's going to be new stories, lots of fun, new heroes and there will be more connections to Phase 4 than we could obviously make this season. We hope to see nods to ' Eternals ' characters, ' Shang-Chi ' and ' Black Widow'. The funny thing about 'What if ...?' is that we can explore the complete and infinite multiverse, so we try to go around as much as we can. I want to play with these characters, and as much as I love Captain Carter, we have to share the love. I'm excited to show new worlds and new heroes"

In addition to advancing that Phase 4 and its characters (or alternative versions of them) will have a lot of weight, Bradley also explained the tone they seek with the new stories, less focused on the Apocalypse than the first part had: We are going to focus a lot on the stories of the characters and in showing a different side of these heroes that people do not expect and with which, I hope, they can feel identified"

In addition to talking about the future of the series, which has not yet set a premiere date for its second season, he also spoke about the freedom of the series within the UCM: We are not a series designed to prepare 'Avengers 5'. it's just about entertainment and what these heroes mean to us. When I took the job, one of my rules was that we be free . We are in the multiverse - we should be as free as possible and run into the wild, into stories that movies will never do, towards stories that the series will never do, and show Disney and the fans all the possibilities of these charactersSo don't expect a Guardians of the Multiverse movie. At least for now.

By: Amber V. - Zexron