Windows 11 KB5007215: New Ryzen patch does not completely solve problems according to the test

Photo Credits : Microsoft / promo

Both AMD with a new chipset driver and Microsoft with the Windows update KB5006746 had addressed the performance problems with Ryzen processors that became known after the release of Windows 11 at the end of October, but even if the latency improved, neither here nor in terms of throughput could Windows 10 level can be achieved, reports 

Now, as part of the latest patch day, the KB5007215 update has recently been distributed to all systems with Windows 11, which is also intended to address the problems related to the too slow level 3 caches, but it continues even after the update has been installed automatically. AMD continues to state on its own support website that the problem has already been fixed with the Windows update KB5006746. 

Windows 11: Ryzen performance continues under Windows 10 

 In the test with the AIDA64 memory benchmark on a system with AMD Ryzen 9 5950X and MSI MAG B550M Mortar, inconsistent results are obtained, which are always too slow compared to Windows 10 on the same system. There were strong fluctuations in read and write throughput, while copy throughput also collapsed disproportionately. 

The latency of the level 3 cache is also still slightly increased, while, as in previous tests, it is not supposed to be a peculiarity of AIDA64, in which games sometimes ran worse with lower frame rates. It is not yet known when there will be further remedies from Microsoft. 

By: Olivia J.