Windows 11 will warn compatibility issues

This warning will be displayed when we access the Windows configuration and, together with the message at the top of the window...

Windows 11 will warn compatibility issues

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Practically since the announcement of Windows 11, one topic that caused the most noise was the one about the technical requirements necessary to install a new version of the operating system. The problem, however, is that in the months between the announcement and the release of Windows 11, a lot of contradictory information was generated.

From what hardware would be compatible with what updates would be available, without a doubt the most relevant thing in this regard was the change of position, from the firm determination that only fully compatible systems can be upgraded to Windows 11, to the final acceptance that this is a lack of flexibility shot at the foot and allowed it to be installed on unsupported systems, although with a warning that they would not solve potential problems.

And so, finally, Windows 11 arrived last October and since then users have been able to install it on their systems, either in the most convenient way, or by updating, if their systems are compatible with the system, or with a somewhat more laborious process, installation from scratch. If their equipment does not meet the technical requirements. There are no figures that tell us what the share of both is, but it is easy to imagine that at this moment there must be a significant share of “incompatible” computers that use Windows 11.

However, although Microsoft has finally opened its hand, that does not mean that Redmond no longer attaches importance to the requirements and compatibility of Windows 11 and has given up reminding users. As Albacore announced on his Twitter account, Windows 11 will start showing users a reminder that their computer is not compatible with the operating system.

This warning will be displayed when we access the Windows configuration and, together with the message at the top of the window, a link will be displayed that will take us to a page where we can get more information and, with all security, Microsoft will recommend updating our system (if possible, of course) to adapt to the requirements of Windows 11 and offer all the features and reliability.

The key, however, will come in a few months, because that will be when we can check whether the main updates, currently Sun Valley 2, will reach those devices or, on the contrary, what Microsoft launched a few months ago will be confirmed. Computers that do not meet the technical specifications of Windows 11 would not have access to updates.