With a lot of stories about the good old days, a few guests and a lot of crying, the Friends reunited

The six main characters of the TV series Friends have gathered in the same room for the first time in more than ten years, but we have one friendly warning for you, this is not a new episode of this series whose ten seasons you probably know by heart.

With a lot of stories about the good old days, a few guests and a lot of crying, the Friends reunited

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In this special SHOW - let's write this in capital letters because obviously people didn't listen well to the announcements or read the small black letters below the text, so they expected to watch an hour of new adventures of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey. From there, we received various surprising comments from this morning on the Internet, where astonished people realize that they got an extended episode of a show like Where are they and what are they doing.

So, in this special show, which was supposed to take place last year, and with it to launch a new streaming service HBO Max, however, Corona disrupted everything, the six big stars of the nineties reunited in the old studio and remembered good old days, with a lot of tears and laughter. There are of course a couple of guests from the old days, a few stars who explain to us how much the episodes of Friends mean to them, as well as the interview that James Corden did next to the famous fountain from the rush hour with all the actors.

These types of special shows dedicated to big American series are a common thing, except that they are mostly of local importance and character because realistically, millions of viewers outside America will not be attracted by the reunion of actors from Taxi. Friends are therefore a specific phenomenon of pop culture because it is equally important to a woman from New York as it is to a man from Sri Lanka. 

What are some important things we learned in an hour and a half of traveling through the nostalgia of six imaginary New Yorkers?

Perhaps the most interesting, long-kept fact is that David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston were in love with each other, in the first seasons of the series, but also that none of that ever happened because they were always in some gap and other relationships. They themselves stated that it is better that way because they invested all that money in the roles, and who knows what the relationship would be like if they were together and broke up.

The show is full of various trivia, such as who got the role first and who last, and who was the biggest star before the start of filming. The creators of the series use various phrases such as she shines in that role, or when he utters those words, he gets lost and becomes his character, everything that in a way we expect to hear from the creators of the series. There are bloopers scenes.

This whole project is in a very strange discrepancy, considering that they are playing the card of nostalgia and putting all their strength into it. But the nostalgia itself does the most to the actors and the team that worked on this series because they were the only ones to say goodbye to these characters and this story 15 years ago. This is one of the most replayed series of all time, and realistically you last saw these characters for sure last year during quarantine, or maybe you’re even currently in a replay of some sixth season. So for the audience, this may have more of that tabloid trip in which you wanted to see what some of your favorite actors from your youth look like today.

And the situation is such that, if we exclude tons of botox from all of their faces, Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow may look the most normal and behave the soberest. Matt Le Blanc is present with the stature of that one uncle who was asked to get up from the banquet table and come to the gathering, Aniston and Cox are for the most of the show distorted by crying, and Mathew Perry ... so he looks really bad. Exactly, exactly. There was a story that just before the filming, he had an emergency intervention on his tooth, so he talks strangely, and whispers, and he had to convince people on the set that he was sober, and we know that he had problems with addiction in the past. We hope it's just that, but ...

The years go by, time goes by, none of us is and will not be younger. Especially our six Friends who are at the center of this gathering. Just by looking at them as (differently) aged, we get something that is the complete opposite of what this series is and that is the visual response to comfort food. Something we keep coming back to when we’re not doing well and something we know for sure will bring a smile to our face, without much thought and some kind of security. Such insights into the real world behind the cameras certainly do not bring that.

But hey, there’s a scene where Lady Gaga sings Smelly Cat with a gospel choir, maybe we could have gone more with some of those things, pop culture influences and directed sketches. The actors could cry and mourn their youth at private dinners.

By: Nitza - Gossip Whispers