Announcement for GTA 6 originally planned for 2020

Photo Credits : ROCKSTAR GAMES

Twitter user AccNGT, who recently leaked the correct lead story for Star Wars Eclipse, has made some claims about GTA 6 in the past few days. Accordingly, Rockstar Games originally wanted to announce the game in 2020, but obviously, nothing came of it. The background is supposed to be a very chaotic development process.


The Twitter user “AccNGT“, who describes himself as a game analyst/data analyst for Rockstar Games and Quantic Dream, has made allegations about GTA 6 in the past few days. Where its information comes from is unclear, but at least with a recent leak on Quantum Dream, AccNGT was right: On December 3rd, the account published the lead story for the trailer for Star Wars Eclipse, which was published just two days ago.

Chaotic development

In its most recent posts, AccNGT claims that Rockstar Games wanted to announce the new GTA as early as 2020. Obviously, nothing came of that, because after all, the fans themselves are still waiting for official information about the game in 2021. The reason for the (internal) shift is supposed to be found in the development: It is therefore very chaotic. Therefore, in his opinion, it would be a bad sign of the quality of the game if GTA 6 is announced in the next few months.

In addition, AccNGT suspects that many fans will be disappointed with the new GTA, but this should not be due to the graphics. That would fit with recent statements by Rockstar co-founder Jamie King, who expects less offensive content for GTA 6 than in GTA 5.

Parallel to the details of GTA 6, there is also a list of the other projects that Rockstar Games is supposedly currently working on. Accordingly, Red Dead Online should get another DLC and, like Red Dead Redemption 2, a next-gen version. In addition, according to AccNGT, a revised version of GTA 5 and a remaster / remake of Red Dead Redemption 1 are in the works. As already mentioned, it is not possible to say with certainty whether this is really true.