Battlefield 2042 creates "balanced" achievement

Whether EA and DICE are really happy to be listed in the "Balanced" category on Steam with Battlefield 2042 should be a question of perspective.

Battlefield 2042 creates "balanced" achievement

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Currently, the short-term Steam rating for Battlefield 2042 has reached the "balanced" category. Is there still hope?

Whether EA and DICE are really happy to be listed in the "Balanced" category on Steam with Battlefield 2042 should be a question of perspective. The fact is: the shooter has never been rated better.

Battlefield 2042: The squirrel laboriously feeds

To the facts: Battlefield 2042 is as of December 23rd. a long-term rating of 33 percent - according to Steam standards this is "mostly negative", with a little more than 79,000 ratings since the launch on November 19, 2021, a good five weeks ago. In addition to the full rating, which counts all votes since release, Valve also offers a short-term rating filtered based on the votes of the last 30 days. More than 41,000 players have voted here and currently, 40 percent agree, which is enough for "balanced". In other words: The ratings of the last 30 days are better than the ratings of the first week. The reason should be obvious: Battlefield 2042 started with ratings at 21 percent, and then gradually got a little better.

In mid-December, it was clear that there would be no new updates for BF2042 until the turn of the year, which is why it was to be expected that the approval ratings would not improve any further. This basically still applies (in fact, the long-term rating of Battlefield 2042 even got a percentage point worse since December 13th), but at that time it was not possible to foresee that EA would start a sale and a free weekend. This made room for new players who could play the DICE shooter without the bad start problems in Early Access and in the release week. Even if 40 percent approval (and 60 percent disapproval) in absolute terms is still an indisputable result for EA and DICE, in relative terms, there has been significant improvement. The effect is similar to Cyberpunk 2077, where new players tended to pull out higher ratings through a sale - however, the sale only came a year after the release.

EA should be relieved overall that the "balanced" era has been reached, at least in the short term. After all, the ratings are almost twice as high as on the start day. Of course, that's not enough by a long shot and there is still a lot of room for improvement in terms of the number of players. The free weekend mobilized almost 50,000 players in the short term, but then it went down again, as expected. Most recently, the daily high on Steam was again only less than 20,000 players. According to estimates, Steam unites a good 20 percent of all platforms in BF2042.