Epson and Brunello Cucinelli: Paper recycling

Epson and Brunello Cucinelli: Paper recycling

Photo Credits: Depositphotos

Epson, a worldwide technology business, has collaborated with famous Italian luxury fashion designer Brunello Cucinelli to implement Epson's PaperLab, a revolutionary and sustainable paper recycling solution that enables organizations to manage resources and fully capitalize on the paper economy.

This collaboration exemplifies Epson's long-standing dedication to sustainable technology, as well as the goal shared by Brunello Cucinelli, whose worldview is based on deep regard for creation, mankind, and our planet. This blend of technology and craftsmanship, as well as innovation and enthusiasm, is a recurring theme in their cooperation.

Organizations can recycle and reuse paper in one go with Epson's PaperLab, the world's first safe office device for recycling water-free paper - a complete circular solution that greatly saves paper, waste, and energy usage. Brunello Cucinelli can now recycle and reuse paper in a single process. It is a totally circular solution that minimizes the quantity of paper, water, and energy used dramatically.

Epson's approach to sustainability benefits communities by reforming our business and developing breakthrough solutions that assist other businesses in being truly sustainable. "We are honored that Brunello Cucinelli has chosen Epson as a partner on this path to sustainability, and we believe that this can serve as an example to other companies and organizations attempting to align with the circular economy and achieve their sustainable development goals, such as the United States Sustainable Development Goals Nations (UN SDGs)," Epson President Yasunori Ogawa said.

"Brunello Cucinelli is founded on the philosophy of humanistic capitalism, the hallmark of which is life and creation in harmony with nature." Working with Epson, I believe, will help us promote our ideals and our goal of constantly respecting human dignity and the environment. "This relationship supports our efforts to preserve and demonstrate the incredible value of natural beauty, and with the help of emerging technologies, we can change from within and become truly sustainable," says the CEO of Brunello Cucinelli.

This is a significant achievement for Epson, which has pledged to reduce supply chain emissions by more than 2 million tonnes by 2030 as part of its new Epson 25 Corporate Vision. This strategy sets the road for enterprises seeking to transform their business models by beginning with the creation of circular ecosystems for workplaces.

Office work is increasing the amount of paper trash, which accounts for more than half of a company's total waste, resulting in a substantial negative impact on the environment. Paper is projected to account for more than a quarter of total garbage in landfills and to account for around 42 percent of worldwide logging.

The PaperLab system, as a true activator for the circular ecology in offices, saves trees while also reducing water use and carbon emissions. The PaperLab system, which is based on Epson's unique dry fiber technology, can print up to 720 A4 sheets or 360 A3 sheets per hour. Furthermore, it gives a solution for instantly eliminating or destroying sensitive information, which is frequently located on paper waste, in the office. When this technique is performed outside of the workplace, it introduces dangers, increases expenses, and increases carbon emissions, all of which may be avoided once real circular principles are created.

PaperLab represents a significant shift in the status quo. Technology, in addition to lowering paper usage, carbon emissions, and water use, is an important step in the organization's journey to zero or negative emissions.