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CoolerMaster V650 Gold V2 White

The quality mainstream power supply of respectable power with modular design, exemplary energy efficiency, and relatively quiet operation.

Vivo S12 Pro reveals a notch that we almost forgot

The vivo S family will soon have new members, a tipster on Weibo revealed. The vivo S12 and vivo S12 Pro are planned to arrive soon!

Nvidia Hopper and Lovelace back at TSMC?

Hopper and Lovelace, Nvidia's basis for graphics cards from the year 2022, are to be produced again at TSMC, in 5 nm.

Great news for mobile gaming – Sony is working on controllers for smartphones

Sony seems to be re-launching efforts to play games on smartphones. They could work on a controller like the PlayStation that connects to your smartphone.

Apple will present smart glasses in 2022.

Apple's modern glasses will be as efficient as Macs and will be launched at the end of 2022, said analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from TFI Asset Management.

Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090 Ti is more and more likely

Now that the components of the Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090 Ti have been discussed in detail, the card should be considered set alongside the Geforce RTX 3080 Ti

Color enters the homogeneous graphics card market

Innosilicon has further detailed its efforts as a graphics card provider. Based on Fantasy One GPU, several graphics cards and executable material were shown

SpaceX controls more than a third of satellites

More than 1,750 SpaceX satellites are already in orbit, and new launches have been announced by the end of the year.

Vivo announces a tablet powered by Snapdragon 870

Vivo wanted to release its first tablet in January, but that didn’t happen.But the vice president said that the company will launch the tablet in 2022

Microsoft introduces Office suite visual refresh

Microsoft is introducing a visual update to its regular Office users, which it gave to insiders back in July. Everything's getting refreshed

An increasing number of crypto miners in Kazakhstan are causing an energy crisis

Since China recently officially banned cryptocurrency mining in that country, most of the cryptocurrency miners have moved to Kazakhstan from there.



Omicron has grown at a tremendous rate

In normal times, a product sharing a name with a variant of the virus would be bad for business. But these are not normal times, and crypto is not a normal job

CoolerMaster V650 Gold V2 White

The quality mainstream power supply of respectable power with modular design, exemplary energy efficiency, and relatively quiet operation.


By 2005, Sony had shipped over 100 million PlayStation 1 consoles, paving the way for the PlayStation 2 - the best-selling console of all time.

The Xiaomi 12 series is coming soon

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip unveiled at Qualcomm’s ongoing Snapdragon Tech Summit will launch several flagship Android devices next year.

Take-Two wants to ban the game name It Takes Two

A rather bizarre situation happened with the game It Takes Two. Take-Two Interactive has filed a lawsuit because the name of the game is too similar to the name of their company.

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Locked Google Images folder now used by other phones

In the June Pixel Feature Drop, Google introduced the "Locked Folder" in the Google Photos app on Pixel devices which can now be used by others

It takes two developers give up trademark

Take Two has apparently taken legal action against the developers of It Takes Two to defend naming rights. The Hazelight team has since given up the claim to the naming rights to the game.

Valve is not interested in exclusive titles

At the Steam Deck Event, developers and publishers recently had the chance to ask Valve questions about the Steam Deck . Among other things, the question arose whether Valve was interested in exclusive games for the handheld PC. The answer was, " No. We don't see any point in it. It's a PC and it should play games like a PC. "

Windows 11 Start menu update

 With the upcoming Windows 11 version 22H2, the start menu will be more individual. Users have more options to choose what to display in the start menu.

Intel building new chip factory in Germany

Intel will build a new chip factory in Europe in the coming years

An electric bicycle is a computer on wheels

The new Chinese electric bike contains perhaps even more technology than the Greyp.

Be sure to update your Huawei watches

UPDATE YOUR HUAWEI WATCHES: Probably the most important update so far brings a number of new functionalities

New problem for Google Pixel 6 series

Several Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users have approached Reddit to complain that their phone is randomly losing mobile network service, even though their older device did not have such problems.

CES 2022: Keynote dates for AMD and Intel

The dates for Intel and AMD at CES 2022 are set. We haven't heard from Nvidia, but there should also be details about the press conference in the coming days.




A Huge Increase on the Crypto Market!

The weekend brought a big drop in all cryptocurrencies, which recovered in a record time during Monday.


This is an age of great predictions, whether it is oil or cryptocurrency. However, the impression gained on the basis of information placed in the public is that even large banks make unfounded forecasts, although for oil there is at least a realistic basis for more reliable estimates than those made.

Tesla halts Bitcoin purchases!

The CEO of Tesla is putting a stop to purchases made via Bitcoin.

Historic day for the cryptocurrency market: On the wings of good news bitcoin prices close to record

Shares of bitcoin ETFs should start trading today, and the market expects this to increase trading volume.

The dollar increases again, Bitcoin weakens

The dollar increases against the yen to the highest level in the last seven weeks, because traders expect that the data on the largest increase in American inflation will be published today, and Bitcoin has been sinking in crypto markets since this morning.