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The Pirate Bay celebrates 18th anniversary

The Pirate Bay turned 18 this week. The site has experienced and survived several closure attempts, and even Swedish police have tried to close The Pirate Bay

Quake III Arena – rocket jumping

On this day 22 years ago, the game Quake III Arena was launched, which differed from the previous two games in the series by its exclusive commitment to multiplayer.

Stalker 2: Probably half the memory of the Xbox Series S is required

Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl will require approximately 180 GB of storage space on Xbox consoles. This would be half the usable space on the Xbox Series S.


The perfect example of the philosophy of the firm. One piece of gold (King Gold) with ceramic bezel. Hublot presents a new version of its Big Bang. 

Windows 11: Improved airplane mode and notification center

In Windows 11, a new quick settings menu replaces the Action Center; the notifications are displayed elsewhere in a separate box.

TSMC receives billions of dollars in advance

The shortage of semiconductors has led to a situation where customers give lucrative payments to major manufacturers in advance to secure the necessary chips

Researchers have developed a salt-sized camera

Researchers at Princeton University and the University of Washington have developed a recording system that is the size of a grain of salt

AOC G4309VX / D: 4K-UHD and 144 Hertz including HDR

The AOC G4309VX / D fulfills many of the wishes of gamers, but is also not an all-round carefree package. AOC focuses on the inner values: 4K UHD, 144 Hertz,

Microsoft is trying to prevent users from using Chrome

Windows 11 users who try to download Google Chrome via Microsoft's Edge browser are shown pop-ups that seem to dissuade them from their plans.


By 2005, Sony had shipped over 100 million PlayStation 1 consoles, paving the way for the PlayStation 2 - the best-selling console of all time.

Windows 11 update: New taskbar feature and more options in the start menu

Microsoft has released Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22509. The preview version brings back a taskbar feature and allows more options in the start menu.



Apple is in trouble – there is no demand now

Apple, which is already suffering from reduced supply due to the constant shortage of semiconductors, is now facing a slowdown in demand at the same time.

See where the slowest internet in the world is

Turkmenistan is ranked as the country with the slowest internet in the world, and users need almost a whole day to download the film,

A new version of Raspberry Pi operating system

Company Raspberry Pi has decided to extend their Raspberry Pi OS release from one to two branches of Debian in order to better support all users.

OPPO plans to present a new flagship device

This is the time of year when phone manufacturers are starting to announce new devices for next year. Oppo has something special in store

Montblanc and Jumboon – admired by many

#Watch Alert: Jumboon has a limited edition in rose gold of a Montblanc World Timer, what makes this piece special?

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New NFT platform for AAA titles presented

This week Ubisoft announced the "Quartz" platform. Digits are playable NFTs in AAA games that are supposed to run with energy-efficient technology.

DRM problems with Alder Lake CPUs

Intel has published a list of games that still either won't load or crash on Windows 11 or 10 due to the DRM problem that occurs with Alder Lake CPUs.

Far Cry 6: What’s in Title Update 3?

In this article, we highlight the changes and improvements players can expect from title update 3 for the first-person shooter Far Cry 6

Starlink: 370 Mbit/s in the Rocky Mountains

An American took his Starlink antenna on a trip to the Rocky Mountains and reached 370 Mbit / s downstream while camping.

Geforce RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 Ti with more memory

The Geforce RTX 3080 and Geforce RTX 3070 Ti get more memory. Gigabyte has now confirmed an RTX 3080 with 12 GiByte and an RTX 3070 Ti with 16 GiByte via EEC.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G – what can we expect

The Samsung S22 Ultra 5G faces a difficult task. It will practically represent the successor to the S series, but also to the Note series

WhatsApp disappearing messages new update

WhatsApp has added several new features to improve the user experience and offer more privacy control in the last few months. Introducing disappearing messages

From great depths – Ulysse Nardin Diver X Skeleton

The new Ulysse Nardin Diver X Skeleton is part of another marine specimen of more sophisticated parts.The diver has decidedly delved into haute horlogerie

Google Pixel 6a – a serious phone ?!

Google will introduce its new smartphone in the coming period. The new model will have an Android 12 operating system and many more interesting features.




Bitcoin’s Value Increased by almost 12% !

Musk tweeted and the cryptocurrency prices rise again!

Bitcoin has fallen below $ 40,000 and what is the future of the cryptocurrency market?

Late last night, another cryptocurrency sale took place, led, of course, by Bitcoin (BTC). At one point, its price fell below $ 40,000, which was the lower support level after the crash on Monday.

BITCOIN THIS MORNING A sharp decline in the value of most cryptocurrencies

The price of bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency in the world, has been moving to a maximum of around $ 36,000 since June 19, and every time it came close to that figure, it would start to fall sharply. The same situation is repeated today.

The dollar increases again, Bitcoin weakens

The dollar increases against the yen to the highest level in the last seven weeks, because traders expect that the data on the largest increase in American inflation will be published today, and Bitcoin has been sinking in crypto markets since this morning.

SEC President Gary Gensler voices support for bitcoin ETFs based on futures

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) President Gary Gensler made some positive news about ETFs.