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Tesla presented its most affordable vehicle

Cyberquad for Kids can currently only be purchased in the United States, but if it proves popular, it may come 'across the pond'

Snapdragon G3x chips also appeared

There is only one day left for Qualcomm to unveil the next-generation premium processor under the new name Snapdragon 8 Gen1, on December 1

New electric hypercar with 6 motors and 6 wheels

American hypercar manufacturer Hennessey has announced its new futuristic electric vehicle project, an electric hypercar under the name Project Deep Space.

The Pirate Bay celebrates 18th anniversary

The Pirate Bay turned 18 this week. The site has experienced and survived several closure attempts, and even Swedish police have tried to close The Pirate Bay

New Geforce and Radeon GPU’s are out in January

Graphics cards are currently very expensive thanks to mining, component shortages and high demand. Accordingly, many PCs cannot be built completely.

Frameless Pixel watch could arrive in 2022

Google could finally be ready to announce its frameless smartwatch. The gadget could reportedly be codenamed "Rohan" and will air in 2022

SpaceX controls more than a third of satellites

More than 1,750 SpaceX satellites are already in orbit, and new launches have been announced by the end of the year.

Icarus’ experience with Geforce graphics cards

Shortly before the launch of Icarus on December 3rd, Nvidia released a new game-ready driver for the potential ray tracing showcase!

Valve: GabeN sees brain-computer interfaces like the new future of the game industry

About ten years ago Nvidia tried to make 3D experiences with active shutter glasses more palatable to gamers. This experiment failed.

TSMC receives billions of dollars in advance

The shortage of semiconductors has led to a situation where customers give lucrative payments to major manufacturers in advance to secure the necessary chips

Battlefield 2042: what’s the mood after the new Update 3?

With the biggest update to date for Battlefield 2042 after the release, EA wanted to improve the approval ratings among the players. But did you succeed?



LG to shut down bootloader unlock service

When LG officially announced its exit from the smartphone market earlier this year, it assured LG smartphone users that it would continue to provide software updates...

Be sure to update your Huawei watches

UPDATE YOUR HUAWEI WATCHES: Probably the most important update so far brings a number of new functionalities

Microsoft is trying to prevent users from using Chrome

Windows 11 users who try to download Google Chrome via Microsoft's Edge browser are shown pop-ups that seem to dissuade them from their plans.

Production of new Steam Deck nearing finalization

The production of Valve's Steam Deck is apparently in the final phase: Valve has meanwhile also unveiled the packaging for the handheld.

Battlefield 2042: Patch 3 has some big problems

Thursday morning at 9 a.m., the big patch will be rolled out, which apparently does not require any downtime. Another patch will be added in December.

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YouTube Music allows saving queue as a playlist

Little by little, YouTube Music has brought many useful features from the now non-functional Play Music service. It's easier to store songs you’ve put in Queue

Bose has to pay a fine for fixing prices

The Federal Cartel Office  has imposed a fine on the German Bose GmbH for allegedly preventing pricing there. The dealers were monitored

LG to shut down bootloader unlock service

When LG officially announced its exit from the smartphone market earlier this year, it assured LG smartphone users that it would continue to provide software updates for some devices. However, this obligation to update the software only applied...

Raptor Lake in Benchmark Database

A new Intel CPU has appeared in a benchmark database that is believed to be Raptor Lake. The model would confirm the rumored more cores.

Thunderbolt 3: new external graphic card housing

With the Gearbox 500, the hardware manufacturer Sapphire Technology from Hong Kong presents a new external graphics card housing.


The Corum Bubble is one of the most original and fun watches of the 21st century. A limited edition with the image of a luminescent skull celebrates 21 years.

RUSSIA SUES APPLE: They want the App Store to open

The problem arose because the payment methods in iOS applications are controversial, as developers are asked not to include other companies' systems.

Standard browser selection is made easier

Microsoft caves in and facilitates the selection of the standard browser with Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22509.

Almost 100 square centimeters of premium quality

The MSI MEG Z690 Godlike shows a premium claim of almost 100 square centimeters. MSI did not include its flagship at the Alder Lake launch.




The dollar increases again, Bitcoin weakens

The dollar increases against the yen to the highest level in the last seven weeks, because traders expect that the data on the largest increase in American inflation will be published today, and Bitcoin has been sinking in crypto markets since this morning.

Bitcoin has fallen below $ 40,000 and what is the future of the cryptocurrency market?

Late last night, another cryptocurrency sale took place, led, of course, by Bitcoin (BTC). At one point, its price fell below $ 40,000, which was the lower support level after the crash on Monday.

Interactive Brokers has enabled US users to trade cryptocurrencies

Interactive Brokers, one of the most famous online trading platforms, has enabled its users to trade cryptocurrencies bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and bitcoin cash.


Over $ 600 million was stolen the other day when hackers took advantage of the failure of Poly Network, a platform that connects different blockchain networks so they can work together.

DOLLAR SIGNIFICANTLY STRENGTHENED: Bitcoin below 20-day average!

The US dollar recorded a negligible trend in Asian trading today, as last week's mixed US data from the labor market eased investors' fears of an accelerated end to monetary stimulus.