Ex-Bioware Employees Unveil Survival Crafting Game

Photo Credits : INFLECTION GAMES / promo

Nightingale is the name of a new survival game with a fantasy setting that the developer Inflexion Games presented at the Game Awards 2021. We summarize what the title of former Bioware employee is all about.

Photo Credits: INFLECTION GAMES / promo

At the Game Awards 2021, there were not only lots of prizes and awards but also various announcements of new game titles to marvel at. One of them was Nightingale, a shared world survival crafting game from former Bioware developers at Inflexion Games.

Survival and crafting in a whole new environment

While there are quite a few survival and crafting games out there, the team behind Nightingale is trying their very own approach. Instead of fighting for survival in a halfway real game environment and getting stranded on a desert island, Nightingale puts us in a magical fantasy world with steampunk borrowings.

The story behind it: A magical cataclysm lifted the world out of joint, as a result of which mankind struggles to survive in search of a new home. Players slip into the role of so-called realm walkers who explore a multitude of different fantastic and mythical dimensions. To do this, they travel through portals, have to defend themselves against dangerous creatures, and secure their survival and that of their fellow players by building their own settlements.

Aaryn Flynn, CEO of Inflexion Games, said in a press release on Nightingale: ” We knew from the start that we wanted to create a complex fantasy setting that is as rich and full of history and life as anything we’ve done in the past The realms of Nightingale are vast and many secrets are hidden there – we can’t wait for players to start discovering them. “

Nightingale is slated to appear as an early access title on PC in 2022. A closed test phase, for which interested players can register in advance on the game’s website, should precede the release.