Logitech G335 - gaming headphones on a budget

The Logitech G335 headset is a lightweight and comfortable gaming headset that offers decent audio quality for the price. 

Logitech G335 - gaming headphones on a budget

Photo Credits: Logitech / promo

The Logitech G335 headset is a lightweight and comfortable gaming headset that offers decent audio quality for the price. Compatible with consoles and PCs, this is a great headset for someone who just wants the basics.

  • Lightweight design
  • Decent audio quality
  • Comfortable ear muffs and head strap
  • Good value
  • No add-on software for customization
  • Lacks high-end features
  • Bass is not that impressive
  • Sticky construction
Availability Key features
  • Built-in microphone: The built-in microphone can be muted by lifting it from your face
  • Lightweight Design: Ultralight design and head strap provide a comfortable experience
  • Good platform compatibility: Can be connected to consoles, PCs and mobile devices with a 3.5mm audio jack

The Logitech G335 headset is part of the new color collection, being the most affordable version of the G733 headset.

This wired gaming headset features a colorful design, with just a volume roller in terms of controls and a built-in microphone for voice chat. This makes for a very basic headset, but it's hard to be too upset with the low price.

  • Choice of three colors
  • Lightweight construction
  • Comfortable suspension headband

For anyone who wants an eye-catching and colorful gaming headset, the G335 is a great option.

The earphone has quite a sticky build, and the split headband design at the top makes it feel a bit brittle. While we don't expect it to be the strongest at this price, it definitely feels a lot more fragile than the Razer Opus X.

But unlike Opus X, this headset fits very well. You can extend the helmet slightly and alter the suspension straps, although we don't see this comfortably fitting someone with a particularly large head.

In terms of weight, the G335 headset weighs just 240g; it's lighter than the G733 and bulkier models like the Xbox Wireless Headset. It put almost no pressure on your neck after a full day of wear. However, due to the small size of the earbuds and headphones in general, I don't think this is ideal for anyone who wants a larger earbud as these will barely cover your ears.

The headset has almost no onboard controls, with just a volume roller on the back of the left ear cup. The microphone on the left side is not very adjustable either. The headphone cord comes out of the left earbud as well.

  • No high-end features like ANC
  • Rotary microphone for mute

The Logitech G335 headset uses a wired connection through the audio jack and lacks any kind of wireless technology like Bluetooth.

The G335 doesn't include anything fancy like ANC, and unlike its bigger brother G733, you can't really tweak the audio settings without compatible add-on software. For the price, though, it shouldn't bother you, and the headset itself is still pretty impressive without any bells and whistles.

The built-in mic can be muted by flipping it up, which was a welcome feature. 

Microphone and sound quality
  • Good audio quality
  • Clear mic pickup
  • Unable to modify audio settings

Overall, we were impressed with the G335's audio quality. The headphones have a good tonal balance, so nothing feels unnatural or out of place.

When playing Hollow Knight, the G335 was excellent at capturing the spooky atmosphere, with great audio clarity from disturbing giggles and spooky noises from enemies.

We also dived into the Slime Rancher just to see if we could track down the slimes' whereabouts through audio alone, and was pleasantly surprised by how deep the G335 sound is. For PC gamers like me who just want the basics, I think this is a great headphone option.

Listening to music made the G335 a bit depressed, just due to its poor ability to handle heavy bass music. Compared again to the Razer Opus X, there is less range with the G335Another One Bites the Dust by Queen just didn't sound that impressive with these headphones.

However, when listening to more balanced songs we did not experience any problems, so this is still a useful headphone for music playback.

Looking at the built-in boom mic, it did a decent job of capturing speech and we had no problem while on Zoom calls or when using Discord, which was expected since the G335 is Discord certified. There is no feature that allows you to alter your microphone's audio beyond flipping it up to mute it, so you may want to take your own volume levels into account when using it for voice chat.