Now Instagram creators can earn more

Now Instagram creators can earn more

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Instagram announced that it was introducing a subscription to content, and it was quickly discovered that this is a function with the help of which users will be able to subscribe to the accounts of their favorite creators.

This will give access to original content, which means that Instagram has opted for an option reminiscent of what platforms like Patreon offer - paying users are the first to get access to original creator posts.

Testing has recently begun in the United States, and it was explained that the necessary changes have been made to the Instagram application, so that creators can earn additional sums from their content.

So, this is a change that allows users to directly support their favorite creators by subscribing to their accounts - currently only 10 creators from the United States are included, but that number is expected to increase soon, and that the option it reaches other parts of the world.

The change will bring Instagram creators more independence, as they will receive support directly from the audience. So far, they have mostly relied on advertisements and paid partnerships, but it is quite logical that those who follow and love their content could bring them more stable incomes. This does not mean that they will not earn money from marketing, since the function brings new opportunities in the field of advertising as well.

Who has tested so far?

The subscription system is being tested on the accounts of the following popular creators: @alanchikinchow, @sedona._, @alizakelly, @kelseylynncook, @elliottnorris, @jordanchiles, @jackjerry, @bunnymichael, @donalleniii and @lonnieiiv, so subscribers can already subscribe to their exclusive content.

More creators are expected to join the project in the coming weeks, with subscriptions ranging from $ 0.99 to $ 99.99 per month. Content creators choose the amount of the subscription themselves, so it is assumed that the more popular ones will opt for larger amounts.

Subscribers get three options: Subscriber lives, Subscriber Stories and Subscriber Badges, which means that content creators will be able to broadcast exclusive live recordings and publish them in the Stories section, and will only be accessible to those payers who pay. Badges, on the other hand, make subscribers different from other users in their comments, which means that creators are likely to answer comments and questions.

Meta has announced that it will not take a percentage of subscriptions until 2023, and this also applies to the new Instagram feature. More tools have been announced that should improve the creators’ income, and some announcements indicate that they will be able to be used outside the platform (perhaps in the Metaverse).

Instagram has made a solid number of changes in recent months - for example, the return of the chronological order of posts, vertical placement of content in Stories, and others, which indicates that Meta plans to invest in Instagram.