Nvidia’s crypto graphics cards are selling poorly

Photo Credits : Mizter_X94/Pixabay

Nvidia boasted a brilliant third quarter for this year, which generated $ 7.1 billion in revenue and exceeded Wall Street forecasts by $ 270 million, but revenue from cryptocurrency graphics control units (GPUs) was lacking.

To make it easier for gamers, Nvidia decided to create a product for cryptocurrencies, which in theory should mean that they will turn to this solution without the need to increase demand for classic graphics cards and thus leave gamers and individuals empty-handed.

The plan failed because the so-called CMP quickly lost momentum. The decline in sales in the third quarter was 60 percent and is expected to continue through the fourth decline. In total, it is $ 105 million in revenue compared to the previous one when it generated $ 266 million. Add to that $ 155 million from the first three months of sales, CMP brought Nvidia a total of $ 526 million.

That’s three percent of the company’s total revenue for the full year. They amount to 19.27 billion dollars. So, Nvidia has practically not felt that stagnation in the market because it is doing more than well in all other areas.

Only, it is problematic that there is a shortage and the move that Nvidia made did not bear fruit. Primarily in terms of satisfying the wider market, from which there is increased demand for the holidays, which Nvidia will not be able to meet, judging by the current situation.

Ultimately, the great news for the American company is that its shares no longer depend on the rise or fall of cryptocurrencies. The sale is going so well on its own that such details are no longer felt. As they felt through 2018.

It is also worth noting that Nvidia does not intend to give up the CMP “project”, so interested cryptocurrency miners will still have a solid solution for their needs.