Steam lets you know what every gamer wants to know

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This is a small but useful change that comes with the beta update for Steam and is expected to reach all users in the coming weeks.

Valve has finally decided to let Steam users see how big a game is before they decide to download it.

From now on, libraries will be able to find out how much space is needed on the computer for a title, and before the installation begins.

This is a small but useful change that comes with the beta update for Steam, and it is expected to reach all users in the coming weeks.

The change is activated after the game download pages were improved in September 2021, so they offer more information than before.

The company originally changed the Steam library back in 2019, so since then, it has been easier for users to find the titles they want, see what others are playing, and follow updates and news about developers. Discord and the Epic Games Store motivated Valve to modernize Steam, which has often lagged behind when it comes to functionality and design.

New updates arrive on the eve of the launch of the Steam Deck handheld console, and those interested now know that the sale will start on February 25 and that the first delivery will start on February 28. Users who pre-ordered the device will receive an invitation to buy Steam Deck in the first round on the day of launch and will have 72 hours from receiving the email, after which reservations will be deleted.

Thus, the new changes, concerning the information about the space that games require, could improve the gaming experience on the new device, which will cost 450, 600, and 750 dollars, depending on the configuration. It will first be delivered to the United States, Canada, European Union countries, and Great Britain.

In other news, if you love video games and want to test all the current titles, you sometimes have to spend a lot of money. Because normally you have to buy the games first to find out whether they suit you. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Fortunately, there are always offers for free games that you can take advantage of. In addition to offers such as Microsoft’s Xbox Game PassSony’s PS Now, or Amazon’s Prime Gaming, all of which require subscription fees, there are also completely free alternatives.

You can get both time-limited trial versions (as “Free Weekend” or trial version) and full versions of games monthly via the Steam and Epic stores. You can even keep the latter after downloading it once.