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Protect Google Drive with these tricks

If you store data on Google Drive - there are a bunch of ways to do it. Google Drive can be hidden from the curious with a little ...

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How to unlock ‘secret’ settings for Android?

You probably know that every Android smartphone comes with a system settings app. With this app, you can manage virtually anything...

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Google Chrome OS Flex for Windows or Mac computer

Google has transformed Chrome OS into a modern desktop system, offline support, a new graphical environment and the ability to run...

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Google and Bing remove torrent sites from browser

Some restrictions can be overcome by using a VPN service, but most users, who are not accustomed to using additional services will...

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Google vs Bing - what are the key differences?

Google and Bing are the largest and most popular web search engines that meet the needs of millions of users on a daily basis.

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