Tesla sold out the children’s version of Cyberquad

Photo Credits : collage/tesla

When Elon Musk unveiled his Cybertruck in November 2019, opinions were divided. Some were thrilled with its design and capabilities, others called it the ugliest car lately. Despite all the criticism, thousands have decided to pay an advance for their Cybertruck.

Photo Credits: Screenshot

It is not yet known when the first Cybertruck will officially leave the production line, but that is why the Cybertruck ATV for children saw the light of day.

This four-wheeled vehicle, which can move on all terrains and, at least as it is designed, fits in Cybertruck’s luggage compartment, is intended primarily for children.

Cyberquad for children“, as it is advertised, is not made by Tesla but by Radio Flyer and is intended for drivers older than eight years. It can travel at a speed of approximately 15 kilometers per hour, but it can also be limited to less for novice drivers. Its range is approximately 25 kilometers, but this varies depending on the terrain and the way it is driven, as well as the weight it carries. Tesla also points out that the batteries need about 5 hours to fully charge. For $ 1,900, enterprising parents could buy this electric toy for their children for Christmas.

Namely, Tesla’s website states that “Cyberquad for children” is currently not available, and that it will become available again in a few weeks.

It is not known when the big ones could sit on their Cyberquad because the release of Cybertruck has been postponed again.