We know when The Matrix 4 is going to be released!

The Matrix: Resurrections is the title of the fourth sequel to this favorite SciFi film masterpiece that has maintained its popularity for over 20 years. Warner Bros presented the movie at CinemaCon a few days ago, but the trailer is still not available to the general public.

We know when The Matrix 4 is going to be released!

Photo Credits: WARNER BROS.

The Matrix Resurrections: The film, which has gained fans around the world, because of which millions have changed paradigms and ways of thinking, will go down the same path in its fourth sequel.

The plot of the new film takes place in the near future where it seems that Neo and Trinity do not remember each other. Neo has a conversation with his therapist, and to his question "am I crazy" the response "We do not use such words here". The trailer ends with the words: "After all these years, let's go back to where it all began, back to the Matrix." That was enough to tickle the imagination of the lucky ones who had the opportunity to see the trailer. As they say,  in the new sequel we are going to see  Reeves (Neo) and Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity), and the director is Lana Wachowski, who has previously worked on The Matrix. The release date of the film should be December 22 this year.

By: Helen B.