Windows 11: The blue screen returns with an update

Microsoft is distributing the next Windows 11 update which among other things will bring back an old friend "Blue Screen of Death".

Windows 11: The blue screen returns with an update

Photo Credits: Microsoft / promo

Version number 22000.346 of Windows 11, which was previously only available to participants in the Windows Insider Program, fixes problems with the new taskbar, the start menu, and the Bluetooth volume control, as well as errors in connection with the execution of some 32-bit applications and when printing.

However, an original design change to the operating system is also reversed with the test update. Namely the "Black Screen of Death" introduced with Windows 11, which replaced the error screen known as the "Blue Screen of Death" in older Windows versions. In the meantime, nothing has changed in the text of the error message, only the return of the classic color scheme.

Background to the blue screen

Internally, the blue screen at Microsoft is called "Bug Screen". As is well known, this display is always shown when the operating system shuts down and locks itself in order to protect the kernel from damage - as a last resort for the operating system if no other protection option has worked. You can lose files that have just been written, but the files that have been saved so far will be retained.

In addition to hardware problems, many blue screens in stable versions of Windows can be traced back to faulty device drivers, since these drivers operate on the same level as the operating system kernel. The "bug screen" has been colored in different shades of blue for decades, but in Windows 11 the error screen has been in black since the preview version 22000.51 in July of this year. The text including the error code and a QR code describing the problems had not changed in Windows 11 compared to Windows 10.