Windows erase tool: does not completely clean data

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As many know, using the Windows Data Erase Tool, in theory, completely erases all data, files and settings on disk. This, in theory, ensures that there are no residues that could ultimately endanger the safety of users or companies.

The importance of Windows tools

Wondering why it’s important to use the Windows Delete tool. Imagine, for example, that you want to sell a storage unit that you will no longer need or the whole team. By using this tool, the storage unit should be completely clean, which means that the person who buys the equipment, your storage unit, will not be able to find any part of the personal data of the previous user, you.

We assume that you now have a clearer and better understanding of why the problem is that the Windows data deletion tool does not work properly. This problem was discovered by Rudy Ooms, who was recognized by Microsoft as MVP, who conducted tests using Windows updates 21H1 and 21H2, and found that with the latter, the mentioned tool not only does not work properly, because it left traces of information but also removed the protection offered by BitLocker.

The temporary and unofficial solution to the problem of deleting data in Windows

Mr. Ooms has developed a PowerShell script to address this issue until Microsoft can fix it by releasing an official patch, which can be downloaded through his blog.

Returning to the topic of Windows data deletion tools. It is interesting to see all the stories about the importance of data protection strategies, mainly focused on backups. In various media and formats, but we attach little importance to the definitive elimination of this data.

A simple format is supposed to be enough, but the truth is that it is not enough. If we really want to delete all the data that the storage unit contains, it is ideal to use tools that are specially designed for that. In extreme cases, when we talk about companies or state entities, physical destruction of the unit is an option that is considered on several occasions.


Obviously, for a normal user, it is not necessary to physically destroy the unit. It would be better not to give it away and give it another life by thinking about the specific use. We can also use Windows to delete data, as long as we know it will work properly, or third-party tools.