Blackview X5 Review - Durable and affordable

X5 also supports receiving and displaying notifications of applications such as Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Viber...

Blackview X5 Review - Durable and affordable

Photo Credits: Blackview/Promo


The body of the Blackview X5 smartwatch is made of zinc alloy while the strap is made of silicone. As for the final design, we had no objections to it. The strap is very comfortable and you will practically not notice the device while wearing it. We will mention that with the watch you will get two straps - black and red.

There are two buttons on the right side of the case. As usual, the top button is used to turn on the screen and confirm functions, while the bottom button is used to browse options within categories. The back of the watch is equipped with a typical configuration. Here you will find magnetic charging contacts as well as a heart rate sensor. Let’s add that the phone comes with a USB charging cable, but not a charger. At the top around the screen is a protective ring engraved with minutes from 05 to 60.


The “heart” of every smartwatch is its screen. Thus, the Blackview X5 is equipped with a 1.3" IPS touch screen. The reaction of the device and the touch screen is excellent, and it works very well even when it is wet. The screen has a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels and proudly carries the adjective “high definition screen”.

In practice, the screen proved to be surprisingly good, as the information was clearly visible in daylight at a brightness of only 40% (4/10 to be exact). This smartwatch comes with six default clock layouts. Each of the default layouts is different - in addition to the different designs of the watch itself, they also show different information collected by the sensors. The device also supports the use of custom dials, if you are interested in any of the measurement information.


The Blackview X5 is an IP68 waterproof smartwatch, which means you can wear it while washing your hands or on rainy days. The device has a heart rate sensor and it collects body pulse data for 24 hours. This watch model helps you control sleep, thanks to its sensor that monitors your body functions during sleep. As usual, the watch has a pedometer that works great, and records the consumption of calories burned during the day, as well as control of their consumption.

This smartwatch is also a “full-blooded athlete” and can monitor up to nine sports activities. These are running and walking outdoors and indoors, walking on hilly terrain, hiking, cycling outdoors and indoors, and rowing indoors. All recorded data can be easily viewed on the watch, but also in the corresponding application. Let’s add that the data recorded during sports are exercise time, heart rate and the number of calories burned.

You control all these functions through the mobile app, and the app itself supports Android and iOS operating systems. Connecting the app and watch is very simple - download the app, open an account or log in if you already have one of the Blackview devices, log in, connect the watch and phone and that’s it - you can start using this watch. The Blackview X5 smartwatch supports eight languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and Portuguese.

Additional features of this watch include real-time notification of incoming calls and messages and remote control of the camera. X5 also supports receiving and displaying notifications of social applications such as Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Viber… There is also a very practical reminder, a simple and clear stopwatch, a reminder if you are too long to take a walk, and there is also protection against loss (if the watch is connected to a smartphone).

The watch has built-in Bluetooth version 5.0 and connects to the smartphone without any problems. Let’s add that the X5 doesn’t come with a built-in GPS feature. In terms of battery life, the Blackview X5 will work properly for up to 10 days with normal use and as much as 30 in standby mode (then all sensors except the pedometer are turned off). This is made by a 260 mAh battery.