SAMSUNG: Exynos 2200 arrives exactly on time

SAMSUNG: Exynos 2200 arrives exactly on time

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Sometimes you need to be wise and know what could be a mere rumor in the sea of ​​everyday and unverified news, and what real leaked information that makes sense.

In the Exynos 2200 case, delaying would also mean delaying the entire Galaxy S22 line, which Samsung would never allow, and there are several reasons for that:

  • Samsung must end the iPhone 14 strike
  • There are not enough snapdragon chipsets
  • Unpacked 2022 has long been scheduled.

However, rumors about the disposal of the Exynos 2200 chipset have heated up after Samsung did not present its chipset on the originally scheduled date - January 11.

The rumors spread so much, some local media reported, that the company reacted for the first time in such a case - to refute anything that is not official information.

Samsung told Business Korea that users and experts should not worry about anything, because the production is going according to plan, there are no skirmishes with the chipset itself, and the company simply decided to strengthen its first Unpacked this year with a premiere of chipsets and Galaxy S22 device. The new Galaxy S21 FE 5G fan model was part of the CES 2022 fair, not an unpacked event, so the S22 remains, however, the first big premiere for this year.

Samsung has AMD partner to develop a new GPU for the Exynos 2200 chipset and expectations are high, both from the South Korean company and its customers and professionals. One of Samsung’s representatives said during the development of the new chipset that the company intends to incorporate gaming capabilities into mobile devices, in order to make a shift in the market that everyone aspires to.

Thus, the Exynos 2200 will be the first mobile chipset to have the AMD RDNA 2 architecture, thanks to which it will be the first smartphone capable of ray tracing option. And yes, these are facts, they are not estimates of unnamed sources and uninformed media.

Samsung Galaxy S22 series arrives next month, and the design and first data about the phone’s cameras are already known, so Samsung had to react and images and posts were removed from some media, and the famous owner of the Twitter @Evleaks channel announced - Samsung is also asked him to download all the materials about the Galaxy S22 devices. To this day, he has not done that, and the company allegedly threatened lawsuits...

There was too much news about whether the Exynos 2200 would be part of the story, whether it would be late, literally every month something new. Samsung has a difficult task compared to Apple and they don’t have much choice, so everything will be on time. Samsung is competing for the ‘best smartphone 2022’ this year as well, and it will not be easy to leave the first place to anyone.

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This year, every company will put something new and improve their devices, we know Samsung is one of the most famous companies and will probably be up to the task.