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The importance of crypto keys

This text will explain what this phrase means, the difference between public/private keys and why it is important to own keys.

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Players don't yet understand the benefit of Quartz

The minds behind Ubisoft Quartz have commented on the NFT platform in an interview, claiming that players are yet to see the benef...

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Cryptocurrencies are a gold mine for fraudsters

Annual reported losses from fraud on social media climbed to $ 770 million, calculated by the US Federal Trade Commission.

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Graphics cards are cheaper due to cryptocurrencies

We have been observing serious problems with the supply of graphics cards, which affect the availability of equipment and highly i...

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$ 150 billion disappeared from the crypto market overni...

Last night, the vast majority of cryptocurrencies lost significantly in value. In just 12 hours, the value of bitcoin rose by abou...

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