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Samsung Galaxy Book new model on MVC 2022

The company promises to improve the thickness and weight of its equipment (the Galaxy Book series has always stood out in these as...

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Soon Steam gaming service on Chromebooks

Google is busy working on support for the Steam gaming service, which will be supported by the new generation of Chromebooks.

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Ryzen 5600X is slowly becoming cheaper

When the Ryzen 5000 series was released, the prices of all models, but especially the six-core Ryzen 5 5600X, were scolded.

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Motherboard: EVGA releases Z690 Dark Kingpin´┐╝

The hardware manufacturer EVGA has announced a new motherboard for Socket 1700, which is called Dark Kingpin. The 12th gen CPU fro...

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Raptor Lake: Intel shows utilization with Blender

Intel was probably mainly concerned with showing how good the core utilization is in the then possible configuration of 8+16 cores...

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Micron discontinues Ballistix gaming memory

DDR5 RAM already exists, but since it is only supported by Intel's Alder Lake, DDR4 is still relevant for the market. Most enthusi...

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