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Meta Quest & Co.: VR headset users no longer need a Fac...

According to the Meta Group, a Facebook account is no longer required for the Meta Quest aka Oculus Quest. A meta account will be ...

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Google Hangouts will disappear next November

While the popularity of Gmail's built-in chat spurred Google to develop a separate tool and app, it appears that Hangouts has pass...

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Blackview X5 Review - Durable and affordable

X5 also supports receiving and displaying notifications of applications such as Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tw...

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Amazon is suing companies for fake reviews

The statement added that AppSally and Rebatest say they have more than 900,000 users who are “willing to write fake reviews.”

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What news on WhatsApp, Snapchat and Twitter?

1. WhatsApp - new voice calling interface. 2. Snapchat - locations in real-time. 3. Twitter - indicated who is behind bot account...

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The new WhatsApp option will give you more detailed control over things to be backed up, including selecting files, as well as exc...

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